I just launched a big D8/GraphQL/React/Docker/AmazeeIO site. Wanna learn about these techs?

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Hey GVA Drupallers -
I've just finished an awesome headless Drupal project with Amazee Labs for one of the biggest publishing companies in Europe, and I want to show you how it works. I think we won "high tech buzzword Bingo" with this project: Drupal 8, GraphQL, KeyCDN, Auth0, React/Relay/Apollo... and that's just the start. If you're interested in any of these technologies, or headless Drupal 8 in general, let's meet up!

  • Drupal 8 with paragraphs within paragraphs within paragraphs as an editor interface.
  • Migrate API to sync (and transform) hundreds of thousands of content entities from the most bizarre SQL data structures you can imagine.
  • Groups module to segregate (and syndicate) content across multiple publications.
  • GraphQL as a query layer for all those publications' websites.
  • React/Relay and later React/Apollo for a variety of front end sites. (authenticated users! Comments from a decoupled frontend! Maps!)
  • KeyCDN as a front-end cache, query cache, and static resource CDN, powered by the Purge module.
  • Auth0 for single sign on.
  • Docker for local development
  • AmazeeIO for production environments
  • Project Management hell with scrum as a lifeboat: completely divided teams for front end and back end, partially remote. More than 20 simultaneous developers!

This project was the driving force behind the GraphQL and KeyCDN modules over the last year. It's been a fantastic ride, and I'm excited to open it up together and share what I've learned. There is WAY TOO MUCH for a formal session structure; we'd be there for hours! So I'll just bring my laptop, demo how it works, share the code, and we can look through it together... and solve some of your related issues along the way.

I'm going to be in Vancouver for the first week of June... So, how do meetups get organized in the Vancouver area? If you can volunteer a good location on (or around!) Thursday June 8th, I'm all for it.


Thanks for the offer!

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hey Campbell,

Thanks for the offer! I saw your talk at DrupalCon this year and it was fantastic. Would love the opportunity to see this in person and possibly pick your brain about it.

I will try to get the gears in motion of organizing this one.

Thanks again!

Checking in

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Hey Mark -
Thank you, that sounds great! I guess we'll find out the place/time on this thread?



Hey Mark, So... Where and

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Hey Mark,

So... Where and when on Thursday? I'm looking forward to meeting everyone!

I would go to this, as long

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I would go to this, as long as it is not on a Tuesday. Thanks for the offer.

If a presentation/Q&A session

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If a presentation/Q&A session is happening on this would it be possible to get a recording of it or at least slides/notes for us outside of Vancouver that can't attend? :)

Drupal Durban interested

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Hi Campbell,

I follow the Vancouver meetup in earnest to keep up to speed with Drupal in North America. I would love the opportunity to share a presentation (if one is created) and your insights to our Druplers in Durban, South Africa and possibly other parts of SA too :)

If there's still interest,

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If there's still interest, please post a comment or send me a message on my contact form. I'm happy to meet whoever at 6:30 at Stormcrow , on the corner of Broadway and Fir. (1619 W Broadway).

I doubt conditions will be good for a remote or video recording... But maybe I can set up a screencast after I get home to Germany next week...


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I haven't heard back from anyone that they're able to make it tonight, so I'm cancelling. If I get a chance, I'll do a webcast instead.

sorry for the delay

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hey guys,

Apologies for not getting back to you sooner, but we weren't able to get this organized in time. Hopefully if you are back in town sometime soon, we can try this again because there is definitely interest in the topic and hearing about your experiences with these technologies.

Thanks again for volunteering - sorry we dropped the ball here.