Twin Cities Drupal Camp Planning

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2017-05-31 19:00 America/Chicago
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User group meeting

Just over 3 weeks left until we kick off Twin Cities Drupal Camp! Our next planning hangout is Wednesday night, May 31, at 7 PM. We'll post a Google Hangouts link here shortly before 7.

Agenda items:

  • Program: session selection, training registration, sprint organization
  • Parties: Thursday party venue, Friday/House of Balls details, Saturday/FLOCK details
  • Marketing/Comm: Outreach for "Getting Started with Drupal" free training, t-shirt update
  • Welcoming: Booklet design/printing, registration/info booth prep
  • Sponsorship: general update
  • Venue: catering preliminaries

Can't wait to hear from you all!


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Sorry about that! I can't keep my end-of-month days straight.

Or come in person...

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If you'd like to go for the non-virtual experience, come to the Pantheon office in the Wyman building:
401 N 1st Ave
Suite 236 (right in front of the elevators on 2)
Minneapolis, MN 55401

Call or message me as you arrive and I'll run down to let you in.


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