Summer meetings?

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Hi folks!

I missed the May meeting, and I wasn't able to be at a meeting on the 2nd or 3rd Thursday in June, so I didn't set one up (and I didn't hear from anyone about hosting) -- so, we haven't had a meeting yet in June.

So, I'm looking at the calendar for the rest of the summer... Summer is traditionally rather low attendance, as people (including me!) are traveling or busy with things other than Drupal, but I'd be happy to put together one or more summer meetings between now and the end of August, if there is interest.

I set up a "Doodle" that we can use to confer on dates that would work for at least a few people. Can anyone who is interested in meeting please go to
and fill in your availability? I have included all Thursdays between now and the end of August, and indicated which ones I could attend (at least as of now)... And I'm not asking for a hard commitment -- schedules do change! But let's see if any dates jump out as being good for a majority of our regular crowd.

Also, please add a comment on the Doodle (or here) about the following:
- If you'd be interested in hosting a meeting on one of the days that I can't attend.
- How many meetings you would want to attend between now and the end of August.



Reminder: No meetings if no interest...

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Hi folks! Just a reminder... It has been a week, and only Jose and myself have responded to this post. Is anyone else around and interested in having meetings? If so, please respond!

If not, that is fine too. It probably means everyone is out having a good time (I hope so anyway!).

Just be aware that I'm going to assume that until we have about 4 people with interest/availability for a particular date, that we shouldn't have any meetings this summer, in which case we should resume our normal schedule in September.

BADCamp dates...

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It still looks like there isn't much availability/interest for meeting this summer.

In the meantime, those who plan ahead might want to know that the Bay Area Drupal Camp ("BADCamp") is scheduled for October 18-21 on the UC Berkeley campus in Berkeley, CA. See for details.

I've attended this event several times and would highly recommend it. The conference is totally free (except for travel/lodging costs of course; they accept donations though), and it includes summits, trainings, sessions, and "sprint" time if you want to donate some time to the Drupal project. It's also really quick and relatively cheap to get there from Spokane, since Southwest airlines has one or two daily non-stops to Oakland (that's the closest airport to Berkeley, with convenient BART service). And there are several inexpensive and more or less decent motels within a mile or so of the venue (Travelodge, Super 8, etc.), if you can live with a bit of walking in the morning to get to campus, plus more upscale options if your budget permits.

So... make your reservations now!

Just been distracted. I am

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Just been distracted. I am ready to get another on the calendar! Thanks for the communication.

Please fill in the "doodle"...

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Hi! If you would like to get a meeting on the calendar between now and the end of August, please follow the "doodle" link in the message above and fill in your availability. If we have a date with several people indicating availability, I'll schedule a meeting; if not, I won't. :)