Announcing DrupalCampNG2017 Oct 20-21, Lagos

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DrupalCamp Nigeria + PHP Bootcamp 2017 is an open source conference, with a focus on accelerated learning for people new to Drupal and also an avenue for Drupal users to contribute back to the Drupal project and community. This annual grassroots conference brings together enthusiastic beginners and experienced Drupal developers and PHP developers, from around the country.

One of our major goals is to help attendees boost their learning and gleen their PHP skills. We bring together some of the most active minds in the Nigeria Drupal Community to help developers move past the plateau and surmount the Drupal steep learning curve from beginner to intermediate level, and unto advanced. We provide free Drupal trainings for attendees of all skill levels.

Even though our content and audience are Drupal-centric, we also encompass a broad range of related open source technologies like PHP. Laravel, React, Angular JS etc.

Expected Location is Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria.

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Look forward to this! Please

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Look forward to this! Please provide site (if available) for registration.

Drupal Camp Request

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Hi, I am a Drupal beginner and will like to attend the conference. However, I need an official invitation from the organizers to my employer so they can allow and fund my trip for the conference. Please I will appreciate if this can be done as soon as possible.


wish I live in lagos

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Young idealist, few projects, am in Abuja, self thought and love Drupal but locomotive commitment is not a thing for me, to bad am missing this DC conference.


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