Just a Drupal meetup

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2017-09-19 17:30 - 20:00 America/Toronto
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User group meeting

To get back in the swing of local Drupal folk getting together to talk about Drupal things, I've booked a room at 25One Community (2nd floor, 251 Bank Street).

Please reply here if you'd like some time to speak about anything in particular or need A/V or want to bring food.

Note that the street door is locked at 6 pm.


Followup notes

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The building (251 Bank Street) announced that we'd need to be out before 7 p.m. due to Ottawa Hydro's construction schedule in the basement, but a few of us got together and talked about what we're currently doing with Drupal, and a few other people said they would have come but had other commitments, so we decided to try to establish a monthly routine.

For the next meetup, we'll be at 25One Community's meeting room on October 24, starting at 5:30. See that event for more details.

Thanks to sjpeters79, artbyrt, mlecha and CptCasual for showing up. :)