Monthly mentor meeting

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2017-10-07 20:30 - 21:30 UTC
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Online meeting (eg. IRC meeting)

[Meta] Mentor Meeting - Saturday, 7 October, 2017 at UTC 20:30 in Google Hangout.

To find the meeting ping valthebald or another mentor in #drupal-mentoring channel in IRC. See for the calendar.

Mentor Meta meetings are once a month, usually on the first Saturday of the month, at UTC 20:30. These are mentor meetings about mentoring (hence the "meta"), about upcoming events and ongoing Drupal core mentoring efforts.

Do you want to get involved doing mentoring but not sure what to do? Want to help Drupal mentoring be successful? Join us. All help is welcome:

  • people who can help organize us
  • developers to help us with issues that will effect contributor or mentor experience
  • planners to help with events
  • people with different skills who are interested

Share what mentoring successes and challenges you have had.


Meeting Notes

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  • rachel_norfolk
  • sparklingrobots
  • ekl1773
  • mradcliffe
  • dinarcon
  • gambry


We agreed to table most of the Mentor business discussion until November in order to go over the following topics

  1. Introduction of DDI mentor initiative by sparklingrobots.
  2. Review and clear out old @todo items from Vienna.
  3. Vienna Mentor Retrospective

Drupal Diversity & Inclusion Mentor Initiative

  • sparklingrobots introduced the Drupal Diversity & Inclusion group's mentor initiative to create a longer term mentoring model. Long-term remote mentoring model means 6-10 people who are experienced with Drupal but who have not contributed before with 1-2 mentors. To begin, one team is front-end focused and the other team is back-end focused (PHPUnit initiative).
    • Agreed that we should think about how to strengthen people's views about contribution in general and being inclusive.
    • Help reduce the intimidation about continual contribution rather than have someoene pop-in write a patch and watch it disappear. The goal is to build a model where it is a team of people with skills teaching other skills rather than a mentor/mentored model. Will evaluate how the team model went at the end of the year.
    • The best way to generate interest and get more information is to feel free and join the Drupal Diversity & Inclusion Drupal Slack channel, and feel free to ask and engage mentors to join the channel and contribute.

Clearing out @todos

We cleared out the @todos and talked briefly about some of those items.

  • drupalbot:
    • rachel_norfolk did get some answers on the todo item about mentorbot factoids. There is not any back up of the factoids.
    • We agreed
      • to use the general drupalbot for mentor-related factoids.
      • create a spreadsheet/list of factoids and share it.
  • Mentor Dinner Sponsor:
    • Still have money leftover from contributions in Baltimore and ready for Nashville. rachel_norfolk has that amount now.
  • In reference to DrupalCon mentored sprint content and documentation,
    • Did not get a BoF at Vienna to discuss mentor roles, organisation of sprints, etc... because we were all too busy. And agreed that BoF is too short of time to discuss and develop this. We need to spend a dedicated effort to improve our documentation.
  • Talked about projector in the mentored sprint room topic from previous agenda, and that we were not able to do that for budget reasons. Added todo to find out how we can do this.

Vienna Mentored Sprint Retrospective

Ask in #drupal-mentoring on IRC or in #mentoring on Drupal Slack for the link to this document ad/or the Mentoring Meeting Agenda doc. The following is a summary of the What Should We Start Doing section of that document. These do not have active @todo yet.

  • Make gradual changes so as not to leave people behind.
  • Receive feedback from first-time mentors so we can make sprints better not only for contributors but also for mentors.
  • Own the core mentoring from the very start
  • Add all/any timed items to the schedule/timetable such as the live commit, booth box tear down, etc…
  • Be active at engaging mentors to take on new roles and encourage each other to go out and ask for help.
    • DDI Mentored initiative?
    • Continued communications to keep mentors engaged in the program.
    • Keep in mind that me Vienna mentors are largely Europe-based and vice versa for mentors at the North America conference.
  • Booth leads should have Vendor/Exhibitor badges, if possible

Action Items

  • @todo rachel_norfolk put together a spreadsheet of a list of factoids and send it out.
  • @todo xjm Maybe a template comment so that contributors can fill-in-the-blanks. Removes some of the burden of the triage task.
  • @todo rachel_norfolk find out a way to project or display information in the mentored sprint room for Nashville.