Core topic discussions at DrupalCon Vienna

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DrupalCon Vienna includes a full track of core conversations where you can learn about current topics in Drupal core development, and a week of sprints where you can participate in shaping Drupal's future.

In addition to the core conversations, we have a few meetings on specific topics for future core development. These meetings will be very focused, so contact the listed organizer for each if you are interested in participating. There are also birds-of-a-feather (BoF) sessions, which are open to all attendees without notice.

Time Topic Organizer
Monday, 25 Sep, 13:00 Coding standards fails and automated interdiffs on xjm
Monday, 25 Sep, 15:30 Migrate initiative Gábor Hojtsy
Tuesday, 26 Sep, 12:00 Media initiative (BoF) chr.fritsch
Tuesday, 26 Sep, 15:45 Out of the Box initiative (BoF) kjay
Tuesday, 26 Sep, 17:00 Composer bojanz
Wednesday, 27 Sep, 11:30 Workflows initiative dixon_
Wednesday, 27 Sep, 9:30 Initiative management yoroy
Wednesday, 27 Sep, 14:30 JavaScript drpal, nod_
Friday, 29 Sep, 11:30 API-first initiative Wim Leers

Also be sure to watch Dries' keynote for ideas about Drupal's future!