Drupal Meetup Bangalore - Oct 2017

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2017-10-14 09:30 - 12:30 Asia/Kolkata
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User group meeting

It's been long time since we organized Drupalcamp Bangalore in July 2015. Let us have a meetup on 14th October 2017 at Valuebound to start planning to organise the camp by the end of this year (tentatively first half of December)

Key Agenda’s :

• Finalising the preferable dates
• Assigning roles and responsibilities for organizing the camp.

Valuebound is grateful to host this meet up at their office in HSR Layout.

Call for Speakers:

This is an open meetup and you are welcome to present on any topic. If you are interested or have any questions do send an email to chiragshah92@gmail.com with the subject line 'Drupal Bangalore Meetup - October 2017' or comment below here.


@chishah92 There is

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@chishah92 There is Bangalore core Community, It's better to involve them also. Its always better to avoid conflicts in Drupal community. Please don't to try to hijack the community.

Rakesh James

Proposal for regular meet up

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@rakesh.gectr, we have just proposed a regular meet up to discuss the idea. We would really like to have all join this. It would be great if other active members can help and discuss to make Drupal Camp happen this year as they have experience doing it. We can not have a successful meet up with out all of you. Let's discuss this during this meet up.


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Good Initiative. IMHO, Good to communicate with core community members, involved. So Kindly please contact/inform them. https://www.meetup.com/drupalbangalore/?_cookie-check=Ku11kAPj4kszjuz2 This is the Drupal Bangalore's Official Meet up channel
And the twitter handle is

Please try to avoid conflicts and try to do it together. Humble request.

Thank you!

Rakesh James

Looks very interesting.

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Sounds great! This is great news. Would love to participate and contribute in any which way that I can. Look forward!

Great news

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Good news! We are happy to participate and contribute in any way which can i do. hope to meet all at meetup on 14th Oct 2017 for more discussions.


its great would like to join

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its great would like to join,Would like to participate and contribute.

Thank you for your interest,

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Thank you for your interest, looking forward to meet you guys in the meetup

Glad to know we have camp

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Glad to know we have camp again after long time, will join the upcoming meetup.

Great Effort

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Sounds great!Would like to participate and contribute.


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