November Seattle Drupal User Group Meeting

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2017-11-16 18:00 - 19:30 America/Los_Angeles
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User group meeting

We will meet at 6 pm on Thursday, November 16.


  • Introductions
  • Announcements
  • Drupal news
  • Drush 9
  • Configuration Management Strategies
  • Post-meeting food and drinks


Drush 9: The latest version of Drush, the popular command line tool for Drupal, is a complete rewrite of the application. It embraces object-oriented coding, requires Composer, uses a new application called "Drush Launcher," and is not compatible with any version of Drupal prior to 8. We'll discuss new commands, such as Drush Generate (which can be used to scaffold a new module or functionality), along with what commands have been removed or work the same as in prior versions. We'll also talk about how to write commands for Drush.

Configuration Management Strategies: We'll discuss successful methods of working with configuration in Drupal 8 and how to use configuration-related modules, such as Configuration Split, Features, Config Ignore, Configuration Read-Only Mode, and Config Suite.


Meeting space is provided by Fuse IQ.

Thursday, November 16, 6:00pm - 7:30pm.

Northwest Worklofts, 3131 Western Ave (at Denny), Seattle

Picture of location, door down the stairs

Coworking is available from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Drip City (2929 1st Avenue (between Broad and Eagle); Map)


Sad to miss...

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Unfortunately I will not be able to attend this month. If the subject of another holiday gathering is discussed I would like to suggest 12/14 @ at watering hole like Bravehorse Tavern where we went last year.


Holiday gathering

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I think a holiday gathering like last year's sounds great. I propose meeting on Thursday, 12/7—selfishly, because I can't make 12/14. If anyone has a strong opinion about the date, chime in here. Otherwise, we'll talk about it and vote this Thursday.

The 7th would be great! I

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The 7th would be great! I also won't be able to make it this month because it's too soon ahead of a trip. Happy Thanksgiving (early)!

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Holiday gathering

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Last year's location was a nightmare with all the construction going on in Amazon-land. And I would suggest if we meet at a bar, that's it's also not the night of football game. That made seating really difficult.

We can check the Commons room if you want to do potluck or something catered there.

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+1 on 12/7 and the wisdom of the group on location.


Another vote for 12/7 :)

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Another vote for 12/7 :)

Meeting tonight!

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The monthly SeaDUG meeting is tonight. We'll be covering a lot of content, including Drush 9, Drush Launcher, Composer, local development environment setup, and configuration management strategies. We'll also decide what sort of festive gathering we will have next month.