May 2010 Southern Colorado Drupal Users Group

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2010-05-05 06:30 - 09:00 America/Denver
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User group meeting

Venue/Day Change
Because of the RFID conversion at the East Library, We have a new night and a new venue for the May Meeting.

We'll be on the Air Force Academy at Doolittle Hall. Map here:
Driving Directions Through the "South Gate" (North Academy Blvd) Here:

We'll be having pizza and soda for all who are coming to partake in the Drupal Goodness.

On The Academy?
Yup. But I expect no problems. I will submit a list to the guards. If you've given your name in your profile and are members of this meetup group or the g.d.o group you have no reason to worry. if you haven't, please e-mail matt.kleve[a t]gmail[dawt]com

You will have to show ID to get on base and they may want to look in your trunk.

Things should work just fine, but if you get hassled, I can definitely give rides from the south gate please call me, 331-9573.

May Meeting.
Several members of our group will be attending Drupalcon 2010 in San Fransisco. Each attendee will be coming back reporting back on the most significant learnings from the conference

Often, our meetings right after a Drupalcon are some of our most future facing and fact filled meetings, so don't miss it.

Or, as always please post what you want to learn about or present below.

Air Force Academy, Doolittle Hall
3116 Academy Drive
USAF Academy, CO 80840

How will members find you there?
I hope to get Druplicon signs in the median on base. It's up the hill from the Football Stadium on Academy Drive. A big "you can't miss it" statue of Pegasus is in the front driveway. Call 331-9573 if you have issues, and I'll help out.

Sign up. Sign up here or on our page.


I can assist with USAFA access.

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I can assist with USAFA access.
-Steve Senator
333-9391 (landline)


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Thanks Steve, anything you can do to help would be great.

Again, I don't expect any issues, but you never know.
If you're hassled by the guards, please inform them that you're with the Southern Colorado Drupal Users Group, and your name is on an Access List.

My Cell- 331-9573


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Hey everyone,

I am going to be picking up the food! If anyone has any special food requests (GF, vegan) just let me know and I will do my best to accommodate you.

I guess next time we change

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I guess next time we change the day we need to emphasize it a bit more. We talked so much about the new location that I missed the fact that the day changed too. Sorry I missed it, I was really looking forward to this one.


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So after we talked about the variables change from D6 to D7 I thought I'd submit a change. I was promptly denied a change due to noobness. lol!


Yikes. Yes, sometimes the

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Yikes. Yes, sometimes the maintainers seem to have little patience for this kind of stuff. I actually agree with you that the documentation will eventually need to be updated to explain this, and I think he just misunderstood you and thought you were asking for changes in the API documentation. I agree that it belongs in the theme documentation. Not that any of the documentation is really very clear.

Keep in mind that the API documentation is actually generated directly from comments in the code itself. So asking for a API documentation change is really like asking for a patch to the code.

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