Drupal Sites @ UW

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Thought I'd start a thread where people can list their Drupal sites and modules in use!


Family Medicine

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Departmental Site (mostly core modules)


Digital Resource Library (lots of views, CCK, content profile, some other stuff)



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seeing several peeps peeked in and didn't finish registration. feel free to register if you're interested in seeing how the site works. no purchase required.

absolutely no worries if not, but i'm interested in any and all feedback on this project and would love it if people want to take a click through. it's not in heavy use right now, so you're welcome to upload and then delete a resource if you're interested.



Evans School of Public Affairs

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The Evans School of Public Affairs

Drupal 6.x with 20+ modules, including Views, CCK, Pubcookie, Pubcookie Site Access, Rules, Token, Secure Pages, Webform, FCKeditor, Revision Moderation, and many more. Incidentally, I don't recommend having 20+ modules. :)

The Electronic Hallway (in development)

Drupal 6.x with 10 modules including Views, CCK, Context, Token, Ubercart, and UC Virtual Merchant.

Finance & Facilities

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With the invaluable help of the talented technical staff of UWIT, Nigel Heinsius of Creative Communications and Dustin Brewer and Gordy French of Facilities Services, Finance & Facilities (F2) has created a multi-site Drupal setup serving numerous sites across F2 including Capital Projects, Financial Management, Treasury, Internal Audit, F2 administration and others.

We're all leveraging a single 6.x core installation, a common theme and a standard set of contributed modules including adminrole, cck, date, fckeditor, google_analytics, imce, path_redirect, pathauto, pubcookie, signup, token, views and webform. And of course some individual sites have additional modules. Some F2 sites are hosted at http://www.washington.edu/facilities and others are on our dedicated server http://f2.washington.edu


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We hired Creative Communications (Brian Vogt was the lead) and an outside designer recommended by C2 (Mark Bilodeau) to create our design and turn that into a Drupal template. Our webmaster, Sandra Coke, created the organization and layout. IT maintains the software. We're running 5.x right now (with plans to upgrade, of course). The site is at:


It's using a number of CCK, Date/Time, Event, and Views modules (38 in total).

UW Medicine Networks

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We are using drupal with available modules. All work was done in house with special thanks to Dan Druliner.

We are using :
CCK (Content,Node Reference,Opption Widgets,Text)

Core Optional
-Color,Comment,-Database Logging,Help,Menu,Path,Search,Statistics,Syslog,Taxonomy,Update Status,Upload

Core Required
- All

Date Time
Calendar,Calendar iCal, Date,Date API,Date PHP4,Date Repeat API,Date Timezone,Date tools

External Authentication
Pubcookie, Pubcookie Site Access

Input Filters
insert Frame

Backup and migrate,Custom Error,FCKeditor,Global Redirect,IMCE,Pathauto,Taxonomy access Control, Taxonomy hide,Tokens

Mini panels,Panel nodes,panels

views,views UI


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We're in the process of redesigning our site, and creating a set of modules and business rules that can be used across our various sites.

We're using Drupal 6.x with 20+ modules (most of them bundled into one module), including Panels, Views, Features, CCK, Backup, TAC, WYSIWYG, pathauto, and a couple custom built modules. We also have a couple build scripts to deploy our implementation on any blank depts account, and set up initial business rules.

Our sites aren't quite ready for public viewing, but should be in the near future. :-)

UW College of Engineering

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The College of Engineering web team converted our HTML site managed with Dreamweaver to Drupal (launch was fall of 2009). Karen Foley re-created the design as a Drupal theme using the Zen theme as a starting point.


30+ modules, including Contact, Path, PHP filter, Trigger, Pubcookie, Custom Error, Google CSE, Local Menu, Path redirect, Revisioning, Site map, Taxonomy Access Control, Google Analytics, Views Bulk Operations.

More about our conversion process in the Drupal mailman listserv archives:

UW Information Technology

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We're using Drupal for the UW-IT Service Catalog:


which is running in a normal account on the depts.washington.edu server.

Contributed modules we're using include:

Grants, CCK, Advanced help, CKEditor, Date/Time, Diff, Hall of Fame, Revisioning, Webserver Authentication (will probably switch to either pubcookie or shibboleth in the future), and Views.

I'm currently starting to explore Messaging and Notifications for future use on this site, and am interested in workflow.