Putting a Drupal site into maintenance mode using Drush 3.0

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I saw someone post to how they run a custom SQL script to put a Drupal site into maintenance mode using Drush's SQL commands, but here's the easier way without any SQL code necessary. Using Drush 3.0 we can turn a site on and off in a split second using the following command:

drush vset site_offline 1

To turn the site back online we run the same command but change the 1 to a 0, like so:

drush vset site_offline 0

*To learn more about the VSET command for Drush just type: drush help vset


does not work with 7.x

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It looks like 7.x uses different variable name


And, this variable value has to be number ( after vset it is string ).

And, once I patched drush to make it honor variable type (by asking old value and casting new value to the same type as old value), I can put site in "maintenance_mode", but can not get it out of it. It looks like some more magic needed (alternatively it may be D7 bug).

Any comments will be highly appreciated.



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Drush seems to be aware of the change, and sets the right variable accordingly...

> drush vset site_offline 0
maintenance_mode was set to 0.


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Ops... it does work if you accompanies vset with cache-clear (without any patches to drush, sorry).

So to put site offline:

vset --always-set maintenance_mode 1
cache-clear all

to bring it back:

vset --always-set maintenance_mode 0
cache-clear all


Why must we clear the cache there?

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atchijov, do you know why it's necessary to clear the cache after changing the variable setting? I thought that the Drupal boot sequence checked the value of site_online/maintenance_mode before doing anything else, and that it'd note that we were in maintenance mode before bothering to check the cache. Obviously I'm wrong, but ... why?

I ask because I'd like to be able to bring my sites online or offline without invalidating the cache unnecessarily.

There is a variables cache in

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There is a variables cache in the 'cache' table. You could delete it with DELETE from cache WHERE cid=variables or somesuch.

Thanks, for the comment re

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Thanks, for the comment re Drupal 7. I've been wondering how to do that for ages.

and for the noob

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For noobs to drush, like I was about 10 minutes ago - you will need to either be in the drupal install root directory that you wish to operate on, or you need to use the drush "--root" switch. So, for my case, I just took a site out of maintenance mode as follows (D7):

drush vset maintenance_mode 0 --root=/var/www/html/u/

Thanks for this little tutorial,


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thanks. this is helpful.