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2010-08-06 17:30 America/Los_Angeles
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User group meeting

Silicon Valley Drupal User Group meeting is planned on "How to Improve the performance of Drupal sites"

Presentations and workshop will include:

Optimization techniques
Performance parameters
Tips and tricks
Do`s and Dont`s associated with performance of Site
Know your server and define it well based on performance expectation
Modules and coding practices specific to Drupal

Supported with case studies by Halosys engineers demonstrating performance hungry site projects and few case studies too. If You have a case study suitable to the topic along with enthusiasm to share the experience: Stage is all yours, just write us on manish At halosys DOT com and we will place it in the schedule.

For more details on topics and speakers Please visit .

Please block your dates and plan your time accordingly.

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Discussions with:

Kieran Lal : Kieran Lal is a Drupal community adventure guide at Acquia and Board Member at Drupal Association.

He also contributes as redesign lead, infrastructure team and fundraiser, admin,security and testing coordinator at

Discussion with Kieran Lal. Performance Optimization and latest updates on Drupal 7 and current, Performance improvement features:

o Drupal caching: pages, blocks, views, etc
o CSS & Javascript aggregation
o PHP memory usage
o MySQL queries
o About Core and performance specific improvements in D7
o Module selection and activation
o 3rd party scripts and styles
o Use of asynchronous requests
o Gzip compression
o Core search in use
o Enabled Apache & PHP modules
o Representative page inspection
o Load testing
o Views query performance
o Monitor server load
o Database engine

Mike Mayo : Mike has been an evangelist and a contributor to open source projects, He would field the hosting queries and may demonstrate the best practices and scenarios and discuss eco systems fit for your Drupal sites.

Mike is a mobile developer too and gets the credit to build the Rackspace and Slicehost apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Scalability pointers from server side: Chef to setup Drupal clusters in the cloud.

Also, Halosys engineers will demonstrate few recent launches and how they achieved the drastic improvement in performance of Drupal sites.

For more details please visit


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