Sencha Touch UI for Drupal

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Sencha Touch UI for Drupal

Its an exciting UI framework And I guess it will plug into Drupal easily

Share your ideas on the topic.

I have already started building out a basic theme using sencha


i built a CRM with this back

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i built a CRM with this back in 2007. it was still extjs at that time. it there any conflict when used with the Drupal/jQuery?

Iv heard abt a guy who made a

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Iv heard abt a guy who made a drupal site with flash UI. Heard abuot some one talking abuot this in one of those webinars.
And as long as you dont load jQuery .. i dont think you ll have to worry about conflicting with extjs

Should be like

Drupal runs in back end.. We can even have a normal theme for site admin

For normal users
have a sigle page . which loads one..
All other calls are ajaxed and the back end should respond with drupal json or something..

this should do the trick :P


hey .. thnx for sharing the

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hey .. thnx for sharing the link..
i dunno if this is the site..
but.. it sure looks cool!!


Drupal as a backend

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I've been using Drupal as a backend for my Flash/Flex applications for many projects using the services module in conjuction with amfphp server module.

I'm also interested in Sencha Touch, and since the Sencha framework consume json, maybe the right aproach will be something like flash.

Drupal as a backend with:
Services Module -
JSONP Server -
or JSON Server -

Check this comment to see a sample JQery's ajax call to Drupal

What do you think?

@carlosg2 thnx for the

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thnx for the links.. Will check them out.. :)


subscribing :)

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subscribing :)

YQL Views Query Backend

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Also this seems interesting...

its yahoo's query language

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its yahoo's query language right?
i think its gonna be used as an interface for views..
im following !!


Yes it is

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Yes it is. Sencha works with JSONP, Ajax and YQL.

problem: is a views interface only, not node, taxonomy, user.

Regarding Sencha Touch and Drupal Connection

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How can I connect sencha touch to drupal ? Can somebody share the source code.


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