Archive your Drupalcamp Site onto for long term preservation

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Hey folks,

I just finished archiving our camp site on's infrastructure. You can see the static copy at

There was some discussion about the domain structure, but the idea is that it should be formatted
{place}{year or index number}

We have redirected our old site from to the new domain. Then next spring we'll bring the external site back to life and start the cycle all over again.

This lets us get around the problems of needing an external site to get all the features our camp wanted and the potential loss of camp content when people stop wanting to maintain that external site or go out of business or...

This service is generally available for other camps who are interested! For details on how to get it for your site, see this comment on the issue for adding the Colorado site.



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Great to see that this is now possible.

I just heard about this from Ezra via a message to the NYC DrupalCamp organizer's email list - has this been publicized more widely? It would be really useful for other camps.

Thanks for making this possible,

any more camps?

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Any more camps interested in this?

I'm happy to help and drumm even created a helper module to make it easier to disable interactive features before you create the static version of your site.

I'm surprised that we're creeping up on time to archive the Colorado site again and nobody else has taken these steps.

I missed this original post

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I missed this original post last year. ya, I'll talk to the other DrupalCampLA organizers and get their take on if we'd like to do this.

mike stewart { twitter: @MediaDoneRight | IRC nick: mike stewart }

Thanks, Mike! I missed the

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Thanks, Mike! I missed the original post, too, and your post bumped it up in my tracker.

I'm also in favor of going forward with this for the DrupalCamp LA sites. greggles, please hit one or both of us up on IRC.

still rather have input from

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still rather have input from others before pushing this.

mike stewart { twitter: @MediaDoneRight | IRC nick: mike stewart }

Pushing what? This is still

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Pushing what? This is still in the fact-finding stage. Considering this post is over a year old, it makes sense to talk with greggles and drumm about it to even see if this is still an option.

Still very much an option. I

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Still very much an option.

I think both of you agree that it's worth asking the local community whether you want to do it though, frankly, it seems like a no-brainer to me. Over the years the Colorado community has lost at least 2 of our camp sites. LADrupal seems more organized, but it's often the kind of thing you can't un-lose.

ya - seems like a no brainer

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ya - seems like a no brainer to me, except someone will actually have to take the time to pack it up. ... and the fact 2009 looks "broken" - pretty sure we have the 2008 site packed up somewhere... but could be lost.

what exactly is involved in moving this?

mike stewart { twitter: @MediaDoneRight | IRC nick: mike stewart }

ok, maybe you missed greggles

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ok, maybe you missed greggles just reposted this the other day - which is how it hit my radar.

mike stewart { twitter: @MediaDoneRight | IRC nick: mike stewart }

archiving sessions for camps & cons in a directory

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as a complement to this archiving effort,
i'd like to propose the establishment of a sessions directory with a search engine by :

  • year,
  • city/country,
  • type of session (beginner/medium/advanced, business/code/beginning drupal/theming, as it is for example on drupalcon chicago),
  • author/company,
  • anything else which will be ok for this usage.

  • every node will be a session page, with the corresponding taxonomies,

  • for each node : title of session, link to slideshare of session, link to pdf (or embedded), link to for video of session, notes/resume of the session, link to session page in the original/archived site

benefits :
- better search for all this knowledge under search engines because of SEO on all sessions pages unified under one directory site,
- easier search for drupal newcomers into all this knowledge without too much google crawling :)
and of course to serve as a sessions reference for all others without the need to remember thousands of urls...
- whenever a camp site goes down, the sessions and all these slideshares/videos will still be referenced and searchable.
(ex.: )

as a complement to your archiving work, cross-linking all archived sites for retrieving with original design and eventually users comments on sessions.

i thought it could be of help for the community, especially the newcomers who are searching for help with one website to crawl for this knowledge with a simple search engine,
and if some are interested into this, i'm proposing to do this...

Edinburgh 2011 almost ready to be archived.

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I am going through the process of archiving, I wasn't 100% sure if the issue I created is in the correct place to request a sub-domain, perhaps someone could advise, thanks. The HTML isn't quite there yet, but I wanted t get things moving for when it is.

A link to the issue I created:

Thanks in anticipation


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