Little bit of freelance work....Quiz module.

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Hi Folks,

You may have seen some of my earlier posts. I am a Drupal newbie and have been presented with an opportunity to do some work for a research project at UBC.

I put Drupal on the table and the are excited about using this due to the future possibilities, however phase one is a very low'ish tech solution to gather information from a user via some kind of questionnaire/form interface and store/present this back as a summary which is printable, savable, accessible.

I looked at the Drupal Quiz module, which gets about 75% of the job done out the box. I amlooking for somebody to come on board who has a few hours over the next 2 weeks give additional support and help with customization the module further, I am in the middle of learning theming basics, module quite there yet!

I expect you to be able to offer probably in the region of 8 - 10hrs over the next 2 weeks (we are on a stupidly tight schedule and even smaller budget! :)). I expect the compensation for your time to be somewhere in the region of $1000 - $1500 CAD.

If you think you have the time or expertise to offer assistance with this project, please get in touch.

FYI....If the initial phase is a success when presented to the UN, the 2nd and 3rd phase would be a full Drupal development, which would be completely customized.... I would be happy for somebody to take on the project going forward where I believe there could be a lot more money to be made.

Get in touch.




Looking for a freelancer too...

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Have you found some good freelancer for Quiz ?

I look for it too!


Conntacted knackforge

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Conntacted knackforge directly (i think they are the current maintainer)

Only a small fix that turned out good with their help!


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