international 'Learn Open Source' training/meeting in Benelux

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2008-05-24 09:00 - 2008-05-25 16:00 Europe/Amsterdam
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Training (free or commercial)

'Learn Open Source' searchs new talent for open source communities.
Main target-group: people not familiar with Drupal, with some interest in open source in general.
Target group is offered hands-on-training.
Training is hard working during a relaxing Drupal-meeting, in the inspiring forests at the Belgian/Dutch border.
A poster for schools/universities is aiming at this target-group
Curious? Welcome at:

6 september 2008, Results:
- after 55+ posters
- in 20 schools, 5000+ potential interested IT/multimedia/art-students passing these posters
- 100+ students showed interest
- and... ...6 students in total signed in
- and of these 6, 2 students joined Drupalcon Szeged

Next summer 2009 a new training is planned: MISSION = searching NEW talent for the drupal-community

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