Charting and Graphing Modules

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I'll add a formal comparison later, but for now I found it useful to list out some of Drupal's charting/graphing/data visualization options. Charts (D6/D7/D8) Visualization API (D7/D8) Charts and Graphs (D6/D7) Forena Reports & Charts (D6/D7/D8) CSV Chart (D5) Graph API (D7
/D8) (D7) Views Charts (D6/D7
) (D7) Views Sparkline (D6) (D7/D8) Visualize (D6) (D7) recommended) Google chart API (D6/D7 + Roadmap at Chart 2.0)

Integration with third party chart software HighCharts Library (D6/D7) HighCharts Library (D7) Flot (D6/D7
) FusionCharts (D6/D7) jsGantt View (D6/D7
) (Obsolete) (Obsolete) Open Flash Chart API (Obsolete) SWF Charts (D5) (D7*)

See also Exhibit (D6 only) Google Visualization API (D6/D7) Drawing API (D6
) Raphaël (D6/D7) Graph (abandoned?) Graphstat (D5/D6) - abandoned? Graphviz (D6/D7) graphviz NodeReference (abandoned?) Graphmind (D6/D7) Hypergraph (D5/D6)

Deprecated Open Flash Chart 2 API

    • Development release only, as at Nov 2013