Great tool for letting children blog!

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I've just installed Drupal in a XO laptop and I'm amazed with how fast it runs!! I'm really glad and I'm seriously thinking this could be a great tool for blogging from the XO laptops.

The first challenges I find:
- Creating an installer to put it easily in the XOs.
- Developing a plugin for publishing local content. I mean, Drupal will be installed in all XO laptops, where children will be able to write their own posts. Then, it would be good to publish these posts in a centralized Drupal. Isn't there a module already developed for this?


P.S: FYI, in Uruguay we have worked very well with blogs at our first School, in Villa Cardal, using Google Blogger. You can access them in
This year I think we should start to do it in a more organized way, as we'll create hundrends of blogs! Drupal's community support would be great for this.