Drupal for OLPC

This group should probably have more organizers. See documentation on this recommendation.

A group to hold knowledge and discussion about running Drupal and Drupal-based applications on the One Laptop Per Child laptop. Wiki for installation instructions, different installation makes, and various application ideas will be stored here as well.

Installing Drupal 7 on the XO

I've seen a few other Drupal/XO installation tutorials around -- here's my documented effort to get Drupal 7 running on the XO...

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Great tool for letting children blog!

I've just installed Drupal in a XO laptop and I'm amazed with how fast it runs!! I'm really glad and I'm seriously thinking this could be a great tool for blogging from the XO laptops.

The first challenges I find:
- Creating an installer to put it easily in the XOs.
- Developing a plugin for publishing local content. I mean, Drupal will be installed in all XO laptops, where children will be able to write their own posts. Then, it would be good to publish these posts in a centralized Drupal. Isn't there a module already developed for this?


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UNICEF-OLPC Story Jam New York

2008-03-28 08:00 - 2008-03-30 17:00 US/Eastern
Event type: 
Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

I know that this event coincides with the NYC DrupalCamp, but if any of you are interested in helping One Laptop Per Child and UNICEF bring affordable and open-source technologies to the developing world, we could really use your help. If you decide to join, please indicate that you'd like to be part of "Team Drupal" on the registration page. If you have any questions please contact me using my contact page, or shoot me an e-mail.


blockquote>UNICEF, the world's leading children's organization will be holding an open Storytelling Jam and Hackathon from Friday March 28 through Sunday March 30. The three-day event will be hosted at UNICEF's headquarters in Manhattan, NY.

The focus of this event is to build and implement free and open-source tools for collecting stories, as well as gathering and spreading the stories themselves. Work will be done on a variety of platforms, from mobile phones to the One Laptop per Child's XO machine.

UNICEF is inviting software and hardware experts of all types to create tools that enable young people to capture and share their stories on various hardware devices including the XO. UNICEF's Youth Section has been actively involved in developing various projects in this area, including a radio station on a USB stick, software to allow people to access web pages through SMS / Text messages, and ways to capture the voices of young people through their mobile phones. Developers will be working in groups to either extend existing programs or create new ones. Check the projects page to see a list of proposed projects or propose one of your own. In addition to a viewing for the attendees on Sunday the 30th, Monday the 31st will feature a public viewing at UNICEF HQ where work from the weekend will be displayed and visitors will be able to record their stories.

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Drupal on OLPC by default


From the Drupalcon OPLC BoF:

Hi Bert and team,

We are trying to figure out how best to address Pablo's well defined requirements for web posting and blogging in Uruguay. See: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Requiremientos_Para_XO

We need to gauge the drupal development team's capacity and interest to turn that requirement in to software for use in uruguay. There is a good discussion on optimal strategy in the OPLC server dev list server-devel at lists.laptop.org.

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Drupal OLPC Site

I recently created an OLPC blog using Drupal 5. I posted it to the Boston showcase page. Your vote would be most appreciated. :-)



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Drupalcon BOF: Drupal on OLPC XO (and general fun with the XO!)

2008-03-04 03:45 - 04:45 America/New_York
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Hi DrupalOLPCers!

I met up with Ian and Benjamin today at Drupal and we are getting together for a BOF tomorrow (Tuesday!) at 3:45 in the (drumroll) BOF-room. If you are around please come by (and bring your XO, if you have one!) and we can hang out and hack :)

  • Owen
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Steps to install LAMP + Drupal on OLPC with Yum

First, I thought about the order of operations, and what would make sense to try out first. It's important to keep in mind this is just a first iteration. You may want to replace the Apache with Lighttpd, the MySQL with another database, etc.

If you are interested in using lighttpd, and some start/stop scripts, you may want to check out another Drupal on OLPC HOWTO over on the OLPC wiki.

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