The following Code of Conduct was stolen, er., adapted from LA Drupal. We would like to thank them for the great starting copy.


OC Drupal meetups bring together people who are interested in, use, develop, design, and support the Drupal platform. Some event attendees are newcomers, some seasoned developers, and many more somewhere in between; all share a common bond in supporting the Drupal platform and our community.

This Code of Conduct outlines our shared ideals and values. Our goal is to ensure that all participants can freely and openly share ideas in a friendly, safe, and welcoming environment that encourages and inspires mutual respect and collaboration. The purpose is not to restrict the diversity of ideas and expression in the community; rather, it's to raise awareness of the potential for actions that could alienate valuable members — and potential members — of the community.

Member Interaction

Pretty simple, be courteous, helpful, and respectful to others.

Personal Group Conflict Resolution

If people are unable to work out issues between themselves, then OC Drupal organizers will volunteer to help mediate. [Maybe a third party can help resolve in worse case scenarios.]

Discussion or other postings

Any member is freely encouraged to interact with the community through relevant Wiki or Discussions.

Paid Trainings or other events masked as a discussion will be treated under the Event Rules.

Job Postings Rules

Any Drupal development firm and web shops are encouraged to post their relevant local jobs to OC Drupal Members. Recruitment/Head Hunter firms are asked to contact organizers first for approval.

Paid Trainings or other events masked as a job posting will be treated under the Event Rules.

Long term sponsors of OC Drupal will be exempt from Job Posting Rules guidelines as long as posting are not excessive.

Event Rules

Events are to be only posted by the Organizers of OC Drupal or on their behalf by assigned members. Members of GDO are free to join and subscribe to multiple groups. This behavior is currently the only tool to filter content that interest them.

The intent of the Event Rules are not to stifle the promotion of Drupal or related Web Development Events beyond Orange County but to assure that the flow of information is beneficial to the group, adds value to the organization of the group, and does not inundate member inboxes with posts that might be deemed as SPAM.

Any individual or entity that does not follow these Event Rules will be subject to Offender Consequences.

Long term sponsors of OC Drupal will be exempt from Event Rules but should abide by the Event Posting guideline.

Getting Event Approval

Any outside event organizer can ask beforehand to be cross-post to OC Drupal and it is solely up to the Organizers to approve the crosspost or to post the event on their behalf. Organizers may also feel better to announce through twitter or meetup channels versus GDO. If approved, posting must follow Event Posting.

Event Posting

Do not cross post to the OC Drupal group from other nearby Drupal groups unless approved.

Do not cross post from the OC Drupal group unless you have approval from that group.

Post thoughtfully. If you have events that span multiple days consider one event with a better event 'from' and 'to' dates.

Please do not flood with similar events. This flooding leads to a 'water' down effect and detracts from other events. Example: two events at the same venue at the same day; esp on the same or related topic.

Please post a Summary. A summary only contains necessary information (What, When, and, Where) and should not be a sales pitch --if the what is compelling, then people will come. Also, please keep images/logos out of the summary. This is automatic disapproval.

Offender Consequences

As OC Drupal takes SPAM of our group seriously, the following consequences for offenses are clearly defined.

First Offense:

The offender is notified privately through known email address or their contact on GDO of this Code of Conduct and are kindly asked to review it.

Second Offense:

Offender is notified again privately as well as the event will be edited by an OC Drupal organizer and OC Drupal will be removed from audience. No other edits will occur. The fact that an edit will occur is noted in first response.

3+ Offenses

At organizers digression in terms of offenses, offender will be warned and such warning will be publicly noted as a discussion thread about impending member removal from group.

Offense after public warning

A single cross post after warning results in the removal of the member from OC Drupal (GDO and

Enacted: 2/15/2014
Last Edited: 2/15/2014

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