Pacific NW Drupal Summits

2018 Summit: Feb 3-4 in Portland, OR

2018 News and updates:
2018 Venue: University Place Hotel
2018 Accepted Sessions:

2017 Summit: Feb 24-25-26 in Vancouver, BC

2017 Slack: invitation:
2017 Venue: Harbour Centre - Simon Fraser University
2017 News:
2017 Submissions: Deadline Jan-25

See History page for past Summit information

Pacific Northwest Drupal Summits are the premier regional events for Drupal professionals in the Pacific Northwest. Most participants come from British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Western Montana and Northern California.

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Summit events are at

Summit social media:
* Twitter tag: #pnwds
* Twitter follow: @drupalsummit / admin: RockSoup
* Facebook: PacificNWDrupalSummit / admin: RockSoup
* IRC: #drupal-pnw

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how to use the og moudle in drupal?

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what is pacific NW ?

explain shortly

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2012 PNWDS Volunteers Needed

We are forming a roster and schedule of volunteers for performing various Summit related tasks. Schedule Overview:

If you are registered for the Summit (required) and want to help, review the volunteer tasks below, LOGIN, and respond via the Contact form (Category: Volunteer; Subject “Volunteer preferences”)

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Drupal COD BoF/Sprint?

Myself and Dyannenova will be at PNWDS, and wondering if anyone would be interested in meeting up for some COD sprinting goodness?

Particular things I'd love to iron out:

--Registration Entity IA

If you're interested, post a reply. See you at PNWDS!

Tentatively scheduled for 1:30PM on Saturday!

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2015 PNWDS Ride Sharing

2015 Ride sharing to/from Seattle

By City, edit "Ride offers" and "Rides needed"
Add new cities to the bottom.

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Spammer publihousehh reported 10/15

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PNW Summit WSCCI Sprint

2012-10-20 09:00 - 2012-10-21 18:00 America/Vancouver
Event type: 

I will be hosting a WSCCI Sprint at the PNW Summit this year. I'll be spending pretty much the entire summit in the coder lounge working on WSCCI issues so please come and join me so we can push this most awesome initiative through!

There's a lot of work left to do on WSCCI, and the best way to get it done is sustained application of skilled knowledge. (Vis, let's get to coding!)

For planning purposes, if you're going to be at the summit please RSVP on this event and post below, indicating what you're interested in working on.

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2012 PNWDS Docs BoF

2012 PNW Drupal Summit Docs BoF proposed
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2012 PNWDS BoFs

BoFs will be organized during the 2012 Summit using the unconference method. Propose topics on a whiteboard in the UW Mary Gates Hall Commons area on the 1st floor. BoFs will run concurrent with the Session topics on Saturday and Sunday.

If you have a BoF topic you want to discuss before the 2012 PNWD Summit, create a new discussion topic, or add a comment to an existing discussion.

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