Meetings Archive

Here's what you may have missed

These are the topics we have discussed at previous meetings:

Month Presentation(s)
November 16, 2011 BadCamp Download - Everyone who attended recapped their favorite moments and sessions.
Mobile First Theming with Omega by Tory Trone. Here's a link to his presentation online:
September 15th 5:30 - Beginner's Presentation: Day to Day Administrative Tasks, by Gary Pryde
7:00 - Introduction to the Features module, by Shawn DeArmond
August 18th Pre-presentation (5:30pm): Install fest, led by Gary Pryde - how to build a Drupal installation from scratch.
Regular time: "How'd They Do That?" (aka Stump the Chumps) - audience participation time. If you've ever wondered how a certain site does something, or would like to know if something is possible with Drupal, bring your questions and example URLs to the meeting
July 21st Pre-presentation (5:30pm): Intro to Zen and Subthemes - Gary Pryde
Regular time: Drupal Theming: Photoshop to Theme - Ben Shell
June 16th All things Drupal 7
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