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Microformats' use in Drupal

Microformats are a format based on the common XHTML. There are a few popular Microformats recommendation (I refuse to call it a standard) specifications, most notable are hCard, XFN, hCalendar and XOXO.


what is XFN

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Microformats in Drupal

Recently I've really got excited about Microformats and how they can be used to create content that can be aggregated around the internet.

Drupal really needs to support microformats, and I am currently planning and working on a module set that allows this. But I would like your input!

If you read the description of microformats, you can see they are set pieces of information based on existing formats such as vCard and iCal, but written in semantic XHTML, which can then be styled using CSS class selectors. You then have the choice to render them to the page, for example with an event. Or you can embed them in your site, such as linking to someone you have cited on your blog by using the rel tag i.e. XFN.

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Microformats in Drupal

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