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Arranging local meetups is also up for grabs. . . .

If anyone intends to take part in a local (Buffalo, NY area) WNYDUG in-person meetup, please respond here.

The past cycle of meetings did not have a "quorum" to speak of, but the final Wed. of the month at 7 p.m. still seems to be viable at the venue we have been using (SPoT Coffee, Transit Rd. in Clarence).

Again, please reply here if you are interested in attending or taking over the scheduling of these local meetups.

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WNY Module Discussion

Hey all as we are getting ready for the upcoming July meeting I figured we could start a thread for cool modules that we have run into in our Drupal Daily Lives.

The first one I want to bring up is the Quiz module http://drupal.org/project/quiz. There was just a new release up to v4 and it seems to offer a lot of cool functions. I came across this module when I was thinking about using Webform to create a series of tests for users but this seems easier.

Any other modules out there

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