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SVG Image Formatter

I developed a new sandbox module at and demoed at to enable normal image fields to accept SVG files just like any other images and to display PNG alternatives for legacy browsers. It works with both the default Drupal image upload widget and Media 2's media browser widget.

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guidlines for SVG in Drupal 8 core

Welcome to 2015. The discussion about SVG in core has begun!

We need input and reviews from devs, themers, and designers about SVG best practices:

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So what *is* the state of SVG and Drupal?

There doesn't seem to be much life in this group, but just in case... :)

I need to develop a site which shows interactive svg charts. I've written the code which auto-generates the svg files, which contain a lot of JavaScript. At this point, I thought - Ok, the easy bit, all I have to do now is find some way to get this code onto a web page.

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