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Formulario de edición de perfil

Saludos amigos y de antemano gracias por la ayuda.

El formulario de edición de perfil de usuario tiene un identificador 'user_profile_form' y una función controladora del envío 'user_profile_form_submit'. Por medio del hook_form_alter hago que el botón de guardar tenga un comportamiento ajax y asigno como callback de la conexión ajax la función 'user_profile_form_submit' que se puede ver en este enlace https://api.drupal.org/api/drupal/modules%21user%21user.pages.inc/functi... y es del core de drupal. No funciona el envío.

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Daryafte iek page khas!!!

ba salam,

ie soal dashtam??
man mikham az tuie ie seite dige ke aslan kari ba drupal nadare mikham vaghti user login mikone ba user haie ie seite dige ke un drupal hast valid beshan va vaghti ke user profilesh ro mikhab bebine ie khoruji az hamun seite drupal biyad va vaghti ham ke ie chizi mikhad save beshe mikham Form marbute az hamun site Drupal biyad va bad be drupal beferestam va dar DB drupal save konam.

az pish nahadatun mamnun misham !!!

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Simple form

Okay I have been at this for a while without success. I have read others questions that are the same as mine, and I have seen no resolution. With that said, here is my question/problem. I want to create a simple form, but drupal does not allow simple forms the way I see them. I need to place field where I want the, with the labels where I want them, and I want it to look like a simple data entry page. You know, like a good old fashioned HTML form. I don't want the hyped up nonsense flash of 'oh look at my pretty page', I need a catalog entry system plain and simple.

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Drupal Developer | Mercy Home for Boys & Girls

Employment type: 

Mercy Home for Boys & Girls, a Chicago-based non-profit is currently accepting proposals for a custom Drupal forms module to integrate with our website and donor relations system. Proposals accepted through September 8, 2011.

Link below to full RFP

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