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Theme trouble after Drupal 7 update

Hi all,

I'm updating a site from 6.23 to 7.22 for the first time in a while. Now that I've run the update, none of the 'out-of-the-box' themes seem to work. All the content is there, but none of the color, graphics, or correct fonts are used. (See attachment.)

I'm pretty sure I've run into this before, but I'm blanking on the resolution. Can someone jog my memory?


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Drupal theme freelancer | Made Up Design

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We're looking for a Drupal 7 theme builder to put together a site for us. Designs have been done, HTML is being created as we speak and the tech spec has been formulated - now we just need someone who knows their way around Drupal 7 themes to bolt the bits together for us.

This should be ready to start on Monday 3rd October and I would anticipate it's about a weeks work. It would need to be delivered by middle of the following week so please bear these deadlines in mind before sending anything through.

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