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Drupal Developer | Vodaplex

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We are a young startup that has built an interesting sales/marketing platform around the Drupal Platform. We are a strong believer in open source. This means we don't just take, but also give back when we can. We helped fund much of the Braintree merchant gateway module.

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Looking for Drupal programmer for website update

Hello Boston Drupal Group -

My company needs some website updates. We're using Drupal. If you are a Drupal contractor and are interested in a modest project (adding a few pages, updating some content) in the next few weeks and then a larger project later this summer (re-vamping the entire website), please contact me.

We're an exciting, growing cleantech start-up in Newton, MA. Check us out at

-Jay Fiske
VP Business Development
Powerhouse Dynamics, Inc.
+1-617-340-6582 x203

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Free lancer required in Chennai for short assignment

Hello, I need the help of a Drupal expert / mentor to put together a small web-application.
It will be in the financial services space and I will provide all needed inputs.

Please let me know if you or someone in your group is willing to provide the technical guidance for this project. I expect max of two days to get the project done for an expert.
I am open to reasonable remuneration. Please email at

Thank you.

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Drupal Site Development Consultant | St. Louis County Library

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Not allowed



October 28, 2010

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Need a small site setup

We have a small business (3 person) that develops software for a niche market, mostly R&D type stuff for military simulation and GIS. When we setup the company I hacked a simple website together because for the most part we were working with people who already knew us and the website wasn't a high priority.

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