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Aaron Winborn
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A developer for over a decade, I have been working with Drupal for going on my third year now, most of that time with Advomatic, helping to create, theme, and maintain such sites as Air America Radio, the New York Obsever, It's Your Nature for NRDC, and TPM Cafe. I am currently also an editor for the Drupal Newsletter.

I have contributed many modules to the community, including Embedded Media Field (embedding third party video, images, and audio as a field for nodes), Auto Translate (a form translator, leveraging third party services to help translate site content), Views Slideshow (turning any view, not just images, into a jquery slideshow), Magnifier (a jquery image zoom), and RPG (an engine for creating RPG games with Drupal).

I am currently writing Drupal Multimedia, which will be published by Packt Publishing in the summer.


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Advomatic currently serves the progressive political, grassroots and arts communities. We work to build a better internet infrastructure to aid in the advancement of good causes, and to give grassroots organizations the tools they need to effectively communicate with each other and their constituents. By utilizing and contributing to open source solutions, Advomatic can offer the advanced tools that most organizations often lack to aid them in the promotion and participation of their activities. It is our desire to help grassroots advocacy efforts flourish in the fast paced environment of 21st century web technology.


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