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I've been a UX practitioner for 14 years. Currently, I fancy myself an Experience Strategist. I most enjoy thinking through people's goals (both implicit and explicit) and a system can best help them achieve their goals. I don't stop at the conceptual, though, I think it's equally important for to delve into the weeds so I can understand how my sometimes lofty goals work in the real world. As such, a lot of interaction design and have worked on content management systems, e-commerce, and web applications.

I've been working with Drupal for over a year at Bluespark where I am their UX Director. I also co-founded the Interaction Design Association.

There's quite a few areas in Drupal where I'd like to see some improvements -- some little and some pretty big. Rather than keep complaining about them over and over, I thought I would actually get busy and start contributing.

Clients have included: Scripps Interactive, Princeton University Art Museum, Sandusky Radio, Phonebooth Mobile, T-Mobile, Cingular, AT&T, BET, Motricity, Microsoft, Duke University, Fortunoff, La-Z-Boy, Council for Entrepreneurial Development, and Oxford University Press.


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Bluespark Labs researches, designs, and develops the enterprise social web. We build sites and applications that are purposely designed to be content-rich, functionally sophisticated, and easy to administer and support. We are experts in user experience (UX), web user interface (UI), mobile UI (MUI), interaction design, Drupal site building, and custom Drupal module development. The Bluespark team places a high emphasis on agile software development processes, project management, and enlightened web principals. Projects designed in our R&D labs are well-balanced, blending the best elements of modern design, scalable architecture, and intelligent engineering. Contact us for more information.


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