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Juergen Brocke
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If I'm home and not brain connected to the net, I love to plant my roof-garden, playing didgeridoo or just enjoying the existence of beeing.


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I am a Developer, Consultant and Coach for Web-Projects in Cologne / Germany.
Key aspects of my work are conceptual design and realisation of websites in perfect XHTML / CSS / JavaScript (jquery) and development and adminstration of projects using the content management systems RedDot and Drupal.
I'm well versed working since more than 10 Years with web technology using the RedDot-CMS, Xoops and other systems. Since 2007 I'm working with drupal and I'm loving it. This is my key software building projects based on open source software and building communities networking the world. My target is to support drupal and building more and more projects with this supreme cms.
I'm always interested in any exchange and contacts to the drupal community. I'm looking for contacts to skilled drupal developers worldwide to do some jobs together. Contact me if you want to connect for future jobs.


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