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Amanda Pearson
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I'm a web developer with 7 years of experience. I love Drupal - since it's the most flexible CMS I have used. I find that it beasts Wordpress with ease of use hands down. I can code in PHP, MySQL, HTML, and CSS. I have designed over 100 sites in the past few years. I have also coded 2 plugins that I'm proud of. I also have experience in the design arena which makes me pretty versatile. I have worked for an agency in the past - but right now I'm working directly with clients.

I'm passionate about emerging technology. I write about mobile phones, tablets, and more. I love following the latest trends in the space to see what is coming next. Currently, the Surface Pro is my favorite tablet and has definitely jumped way past the iPad.

What I love about my Surface Pro is that it's easy to work on my Drupal sites. I got rid of my desktop computer after getting the Surface Pro. Since it's fast - I'm not having any issues with development. Granted my development environment is pretty lightweight. Write now I am using WAMP mostly.


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