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A little insight into Thomas Newman
A lot of what drives me is an ongoing process of seeking out my potential. I want to know my potential is all areas of my life which of course includes Drupal, my family life and personal hobbies. I want to know what I am made of and I push myself to my limits when the occasion calls for it. I am always asking myself how can I be a better developer, husband and father. Seeking out my potential and growing is what keeps me happy.

Thomas built his first website in 1998 and since then he has been pursuing the inner workings of the Internet and related technologies. On an average day Thomas navigates through many layers of the modern web from front-end and back-end coding, configuring web servers and deploying websites to production. Ever since Thomas discovered Drupal in 2008, he's been leveraging Drupal to bring value to California State Government agencies, organizations and businesses alike.


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