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Margaux O'Malley
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I'm one of the co-founders of Grand Junction Design, and am responsible for overseeing client projects and procuring new work.

I worked full-time in the nonprofit sector for several years, then gradually shifted my focus more toward serving the nonprofit sector through web development. Drupal made its way into our toolbox sometime in 2004, and since early 2007 we haven't used anything else. I love working with nonprofits to identify what they're really trying to do, and then figure out how we can build an awesome Drupal site to help them do it.

Lately I've started working more with nonprofits in, and focused on, Latin America, which nicely circles back to my degree in Latin American Studies and Spanish. I'm excited to finally be tying this love into my work.

I'm also very focused on environmental sustainability. I enjoy spending as much time as possible outdoors. In my family and in my business I make every effort to consider the environmental impact of my actions and decisions, and I try to teach my children to do the same.


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Grand Junction Design
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GJD is a woman-owned Drupal shop providing services primarily to progressive nonprofits. We are involved with the Drupal Documentation Project and also the Design for Drupal (D4D) Project.


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