2014-02-18 D-SIG Meeting

Drupal SIG 2014-02-18

Approximately 21 people attended the February 18, 2014 D-SIG meeting in Mann Room 102

We started with introductions around the room, stating which campus group we worked with and the status of our Drupal projects. People also made suggestions for future D-SIG topics.

Some suggested topics for future D-SIGs:

  • when should you use a multi-site setup?
  • git / version control
  • entity forms
  • features
  • views
  • making things easy for content contributors of all abilities
  • deployment strategies (dev - stage - prod)
  • view and taxonomy: hierarchy takes a long time to render
  • sharing feature across campus
  • modules for eCommerce
  • Drupal best practices
  • applying updates across sites
  • building a campus-wide Drupal community site
  • user training - videos, 1-on-1, classes
  • locking down the user experience
  • simplifying common tasks
  • making Drupal easy for beginners
  • Vagrant for setting up environments http://www.vagrantup.com/
  • CU Search
  • content strategy

Some discussion points:

  • Can we get a centralized license for a github account that can be used to share code?
    • github has free accounts, but everything has to be public. Some CU stuff would need to be private
    • Is this something that Ted Dodd would sponsor?
  • What is the best way to casually communicate between meetings?
    • drupal.org - not a great platform for discussion
    • IRC room
    • email list
    • a forum that sends email and stores threads
    • Skype room
    • campfire - keeps threads of chats https://campfirenow.com/
  • A small group got together after the meeting to try out options and report back
  • Cornell Drupal Camp Feedback
    • try to survey ahead of time who is going to which sessions so can plan enough room
    • check if ILR conference rooms are available
    • be clearer about audience
    • plan a very specific beginner track
    • plan a track for content contributors
    • have one session be all Birds of a Feather (BoF)
  • Friday/Saturday could work well
  • Monday/Tuesday allows for Sunday travel for out of town folks
  • not everyone can take a weekday off
  • some camps do a training or code session the day before
  • Is it Cornell focused? Or Drupal focused?
    • Both, but with an emphasis on supporting the Cornell Drupal community
  • plan around HighEdWeb in October 19-22 http://2014.highedweb.org/
  • check Drupal Camp schedule so no regional conflicts: http://buildamodule.com/drupal-camps-calendar
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