This is the group for you if you would just like to use a CRM solution for Drupal and want to weigh in on features and ideas. It's also a good place to read or post announcements about modules and other projects that are ready for testing and use.

This group is a user-focused parallel to the CRM API group, which is more about the nuts and bolts about building CRM tools. If you are actively working on building a CRM solution for Drupal, please consider participating in both groups.

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Online Site Builder is Good Option to build site?

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Why not use CiviCRM? (Why we want to make a fully Drupal based CRM)

I think this question seems to come up a few times. I've created this as a wiki page because I do not feel I am best placed to answer this question due to my limited interaction with CiviCRM (Which I actually really like). But I feel like it will probably come up so others, feel free to get involved in this page and clear up my english and reasoning. I definitely welcome re-wording of some of my points.

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Two modules to potentially help the cause

(Excuse the cross-post. It looks like the discussion is moving to the "CRM" group - but that migration might take some time.)

Just wanted to toss out that ThinkShout's been working on two modules that might be interesting to folks looking at native CRM in Drupal 7.

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Drupal CRM Requirements

A list of functional requirements for a potential CRM system follows after interviews with nine people with interest in the Drupal CRM system. These include a CRM for running the congregation of a church, a mass emailer, a real estate business, a large American civic association, a small bank, and a political party. The main problem with current implementation is either that the CRM is not integrated fully with drupal (CiviCRM) or simply that the development effort is too great to create the functionality from scratch.

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My experience with CRMs and a proposal

I am working for years with a CRM. It became the most important success factor for my company.

So I would write 2 issues - key features and approach

Key features
People (Organizations, Relationships): could be done with taxonomies, cck, ur relationship ...
Invoices (opportunities, offers): maybe with Ubercart intergration - sales pipeline concept should be possible
Contact History (emails, pn, phone calls, sms, visits, ...): maybe with views, heartbeat, activity ...
Tasks: with dates and cck (priorities)
Files: web file manager or similar module

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Use Cases and User Types

In this post,, it was suggested we make a list of use cases and user types, so I thought I'd explain what I'm interested in a DropCRM for. I build websites for churches so we need a system that connects people and respects the (often complicated) hierarchical leadership structures.

User Types



  • Users/Contacts - These may or may not be able to log in they are people who have made contact with a church but not joined it. We probably want basic information on them.
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