Working group

Structured Content

A place to discuss the best way to build structured content in Drupal.

Born out of the "Paragraphs" BoF at DrupalCon New Orleans 2016, this group is for for those who want to discuss ways to build structured content within Drupal. Structured content has many names within the developer community and has associated terminology in the design world: Web components, content components, blocks, slices, atomic design, patterns, etc, etc.

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D8 Core Indian Language Translators Group

Group for people interested in Translating Drupal 8 Core in Indian Languages

Hello Folks,
With Drupal 8 release coming up and Drupal 8 has 200+ new features and improvements, We look forward to the active participation, and cooperation of people genuinely interested in translating Drupal 8 Core by making Drupal 8 Core Translations available in most of indian languages and help to gear up translation work on

Drupal 8 allows to
- Translate anything in the system with built-in user interfaces
- Build pages with Views language filtering and block visibility

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Drupal 8 production sites

We share & discuss about building real-world websites based on Drupal 8 already

Have you built a site with Drupal 8 already? Are you interested in doing so soon? Let's discuss what is possible, common pitfalls, show cases and best practices.

This group was started at Drupal Dev Days Montpellier in April 2015 as part of a BoF with 9 people attending, and met again at DrupalCon Barcelona in September 2015.

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For people who do: irc core mentoring office hours, mentor at sprints, or are interested in the general principles of mentoring in the drupal communit

Target audience: mentors

This group is for people who do:

  • IRC core mentoring office hours,
  • mentor at sprints,
  • self-identify as mentors, or
  • are interested in the general principles of mentoring in the Drupal community.

We are not *doing* mentoring here

It is really important that actual mentoring happen in public:



  • on the actual issues (make comments, it is really OK!), or
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    Little Hackers Education Group

    Active group established years ago. Spreading STEAM centered education around cheap Linux based Chromebooks.

    To create and maintain STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) centered education around cheap Linux based Chromebooks. To overhaul the education system organically from outside and inside the state.

    Presently this endeavor includes: Kids using inexpensive Chromebooks to chroot them to Linux to get to Minecraft and on to learning Arduino and Node.js including Robotics which eventually goes onto using programs such as Cura with 3D Printing and such. So far Entrepreneurship has been encouraged and products and services have been created by the kids themselves.

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    Drupal Community in Kashmir

    The home for Kashmir's own Drupal Community. It brings Drupal developer and business user community together.

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    DITA Tech Comm CMS

    Drupal as a platform for technical communication sector and tech writers using DITA

    Our vision

    Our vision is to see Drupal becoming a full-featured and viable platform for the tech comm sector.

    We have organized to:



  • Discuss the needs of the technical communication sector and the business case for adopting Drupal as a tech comm CMS
  • Share experiences and technical ideas about publishing technical information (manuals, help docs) on Drupal.
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    Drupal Campus Ambassador Program (DCAP)

    An initiative to take Drupal to educational institutions

    Drupal campus ambassador programme(DCAP) aims to introduce Drupal to universities and colleges across the globe by creating a network of Drupal Campus ambassadors.

    DCAP will be lead by a core leadership and volunteer from the Drupal India community who will travel to these college, evangelize Drupal and select one student from 2nd/3rd Year who has very good insight into open source technologies and will be responsible for evangelizing Drupal in that college/universities. Idea is to have these bright minds spread the Drupalism at the grass root level.

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    Getting off the island with Composer and Packagist

    Goal for this group is to figure out and communicating best practices for adopting Composer in the Drupal community and infrastructure.

    There is already some Documentation on on using Composer with Drupal.

    It aims to improve communication between multiple projects and point to relevant discussions in or github issues.

    Everybody is invited to create new discussions for any composer-related topic. If you are working with composer already, want to start or simply have some ideas regarding Drupal and composer, feel free to simply share your experience, thoughts and concepts.

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    Research about the Drupal community

    A group to collectively analyse and discuss the findings that have been done in Academia, and what can we learn as a community from them

    The purpose of this group is to collectively gather, analyse and discuss the findings that have been done in Academia about the Drupal community, and what can we learn as a community from them. It will also act as a meeting point for those who are interested in the study of the Drupal community, so we can put a face to the names and explore how to collaborate and coordinate.

    This initiative was born as part of the the BoF session at DrupalCon Amsterdam (

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