Working group

Working group for the Drupal Europe 2018 conference

A group to funnel information related to the upcoming Drupal Europe 2018 conference

Plan, Do, Act, Rock, Repeat!

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Marketing of Drupal companies

The group’s aim is to gather people who are in charge of marketing processes in Drupal teams. We’re also scheduling the meetup at DrupalCon Vienna.

Hello, marketing colleagues! Drupal is rather a complicated product and I believe each of you have faced different marketing, PR and sales challenges. We’d love to accumulate the knowledge we have and share the insights on marketing of your Drupal-focused company in the Drupal world. You’re welcome to raise any question you have in mind here.There’s also an existing channel in Drupal Slack (#marketing channel), I hope we can revive it.

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Sports API Drupal 8

Create a sports API for drupal 8

Welcome to the group sports API for drupal 8.

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South Dakota State University

Drupal Developers and Builders Group at South Dakota State University

In Progress

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St Matthias Tsonzo Alumni

Former School Mates Coming together to develop the school

To establish a lifelong and global network of alumni through increased opportunities for meaningful engagement in order to raise awareness, pride, participation, volunteer involvement, and philanthropic commitment to St. Matthias Tsonzo High School.

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Group Designed for discussion about hiring in the Drupal universe

Thanks for stopping by. This resource is to find out and exchange views / opinions on hiring in the Drupal World! :)

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Drupal CEO network

the Drupal CEO network aims to share frank and honest advice from fellow Drupal CEO's on how to lead your business.

the Drupal CEO network is set up to share frank and honest advice from fellow Drupal CEO's on how to lead your business. With a minimum amount of time invested, you can grow your business and overcome hurdles other CEO have already taken. The Drupal CEO network accelerates the learning curve of Drupal Business Executives by sharing experience from around the globe. The Drupal CEO network facilitates high quality peer meetings designed for maximum take home value as well as infamous dinners where knowledge is shared in a noncommercial safe environment.

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Business Solution

Drupal for Business Solution
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Creacion APP

Ayuda para creacion APP


Estamos haciendo una aplicación con drupalgap, y nos hemos encontrado con el problema que el login de de Facebook nos logea con navegador, pero no interesaría que el login lo cogiera de la APP de facebook de android automáticamente, solo que pida el permiso del usuario.

Alguien sabría como se podría hacer?


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Drupal for Internet Existence

Long lasting, widely spread online existence using simple out of box DRUPAL, I already did, What about you?

The group is meant to you to look into Drupal based existence for your own need with simple usage technology for common man.

You don't need to programmer or developer, common Internet knowledge is enough.

You are invited to join and use my Drupal based websites for long lasting Internet Existence, It is for you, I owe it to you and to Drupal, Linux and similar open source software. Not to forget the US based hosting and Domain registrars. Rest in my posts...

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