Golden Neckbeard

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Join us to help plan the first Drupal performance contest to award the coveted Golden Neckbeard trophy.

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Plan and discuss the first Extreme Drupal Games (aka the "Golden Neckbeard" competition) for GLADCamp 2014

This year's GLADCamp conference will feature the first Extreme Drupal Games! This event will run throughout the conference, beginning on Friday, March 7th and ending when winners are announced at the closing of the conference on Sunday, March 9th.

We have a sponsor who will be donating 6 identical VMs (distro and stack TBD) for us to use during the conference. I've asked that each VM have a minimum of 2 cores and 4GB of RAM, but exact specs are still being worked out. These VMs are hosted at 1 Wilshire in Downtown Los Angeles, so there will be extremely low latency.

The plan right now is for up to 6 teams to compete over the course of the weekend, tuning both the stack and the Drupal application to get the best possible performance in the allotted time. The team with the fastest Drupal site at the end of the conference will be declared the winner.

Now that we have a date and time, the question is how we're going to load test and judge the teams. What are the rules? Do we test for both anonymous and logged in users? Will contestants be permitted to rip out pieces of the stack and install completely different ones? How about the use of premade scripts? Do we allow commercial software, or go 100% free and open source?

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"Golden Neckbeard" competition


  • System under test
    • Take a copy of a big camp website (BADCamp, Atlanta) sanitize it and have it in a distributable form.
    • Alternatively: Distro {Commons, COD, …} with devel generate (or a SQL dump scenario)
  • Basic Chef config to build a LAMP stack...
  • Competition Rules
    • Teams and/or Individual entries?
    • Tests - partner with an established testing/perf company?
      • Basic performance based metrics (ab, curl, ...)
      • Basic PHPUnit tests (exercise site functionality)
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Golden Neckbeard

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