KnowledgeTree Integration

This group should probably have more organizers. See documentation on this recommendation.

A popular KnowledgeTree / Drupal integration module project has been around for some time and we (the KnowledgeTree team) thought it might be useful to create a KnowledgeTree integration group to:

  • Discuss potential points of integration, and to map a roadmap
  • Provide a central rallying point for developers who are interested in building out the above roadmap

(kudos to IDEIA and Alex Pott for the above module)

For more information about the KnowledgeTree document management software application, please visit:
or the KnowledgeTree Community Wiki at

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Drupal vs KT vs integrate both as knowledge management platform

While I have not try neither the module nor KT, when looking at KT features, some features are available in Drupal.

Taxonomy (and free tagging), Books,Revision Control, Commenting, Blogging, Aggregation, Importing/upload, Enhanced permissions, multilanguage - and more ..

So having KT, would duplicate most of this? What the features Drupal modules does not have and KT would compliment that?

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