LA Drupal Video Archives

Learn Drupal from our giant repository of videos. Many videos are taken from our events (Camps, Meetups, Trainings) and nearly all of our videos are on our channel:

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Videos are on YouTube as well as additionally hosted by the University of California, Irvine (UCI) on their video server: (2010 and newer, standard & mobile versions) and (DrupalCamp LA 2009)

Topics include:

  • Drupal 7, Drupal 6, Pressflow, Open Atrium, Aegir, Drush
  • Hooks
  • Themes (Fusion, Zen, 960 grid, and more...)
  • Modules (Views, Panels, CCK, Skinr, and many, many more...)
  • Development Best Practices
  • Git, SVN, CVS
  • Hosting & Scaling Drupal (in Cloud and Traditional setups)
  • Drupal hosted services (Buzzr, Pantheon and Drupal Gardens)
  • Learn from dozens of pros including special guests and local LA Drupal members

The skill level for each video is different.

Some additional related video links you should know about:

Feel free to edit and update this wiki with other useful links to Drupal related videos.

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