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LA Drupal is the hub for Drupal users in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas to network and collaborate; including Orange County, San Gabriel Valley, San Fernando Valley, Inland Empire, and the whole of Southern California. We promote and encourage open exchanges of ideas within the Drupal Community and also with the other open source communities (including PHP and MySQL).

Our main monthly meetup is held on the second Tuesday of each month. See our Calendar of Events, including job networking, trainings and social occasions.

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Welcome to LA Drupal!

LA Drupal Events

LA Drupal Main Meetup: June 9, 2015 | Conference Recap and more...

Chris Charlton's picture

2015-06-09 19:00 - 21:00 America/Los_Angeles

Join us June 9, 2015 for a night of knowledge sharing for Drupal developers. There is usually material for all levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced users.

With DrupalCon Los Angeles complete we will review key recorded sessions you cannot miss! And we'll dive into some community Q&A to help with your Drupal related questions. Job announcements will be within the first half hour.

Also, if there is time, we'll have some lightning talks at this meetup as well!

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Upcoming Events

What Meeting Topics Should we Cover?

This list of topics suggested for upcoming meetings is a wiki page. Please add to it or vote on something you'd like to see.

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Los Angles Drupal
Los Angeles Drupal Discussions

Recent Discussions

dankegel's picture

Any drupal developers near Little Tokyo up for lunch sometime?

(Crossposted from, this time using the right button)

I work near Union Station, wouldn't mind having lunch with other Drupal developers sometime. Maybe at or ?

dankegel's picture

Any drupal developers near Little Tokyo up for lunch sometime?

I work near Union Station, wouldn't mind having lunch with other Drupal developers sometime.

Me, I'm only loosely a Drupal developer; I'm still piecing together how to use the Migrate module + Features + fit. I'm almost there :-)

josephgut's picture

Drupal Developer Wanted

Hello Drupal community! Our website, (, which is written in Drupal 7, is the largest antique, collectible, and art appraisal site offering free crowdsourced and professional appraisals. We're in search of a talented and responsible Drupal developer who is interested in updating the site, adding features, re-theming, bug fixing, etc. for a revenue share of InstAppraisal. We're looking for someone to partner with us - someone who sees opportunity for growing our website even more and becoming part of our company.

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datarazor's picture

Help: where to find new sub-contract/freelance customers?

Hello Drupal community, I'm looking for more freelance / contract work at the moment. And I was wondering where good places were to find it?

I run my own small agency in Santa Barbara CA and I can offer the following services: Drupal module coding, theming, front-end interactivity, custom design, project management, information architecture and more.

So far I know about Drupal Groups, meet ups, and craigslist. Any other good resources for finding new clients?



kehogo's picture

Drupalcon 2015 - Los Angeles Ticket For Sale

I'm selling my full conference ticket - cannot go.

Starting price $95

realEuph's picture

3d Graphics at DrupalCon

Leonard Daly from Daly Realism, and Dr. Meghan Coakley of the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) 3D Print Exchange will be presenting at Los Angeles DrupalCon. Their two presentations illustrate various strategies to incorporate 3D graphics (X3D using X3DOM) into Drupal-based websites.

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ndbaker's picture

Tweet us with #F1tix for a free ticket to DrupalCon LA!

Greetings LA Drupalists!

As a major sponsor of this year's DrupalCon, Forum One has four free tickets we'd like to give away to attend next week's conference! All you have to do to be considered is respond to this tweet (or tweet @ForumOne) with the hashtag #F1tix and your prediction for Drupal 9's "killer feature" (can be serious or hilarious, your choice!). Our top four favorites will receive a free ticket (a $600 value) to the full conference.


scarrey's picture

DrupalCon LA - 2 tickets for sale - 50% off


We bought too many tickets for DrupalCon Los Angeles 2015 and we would like to transfer them to someone else:

  • 1 student ticket: $150 (50% off since the current price is $300)
  • 1 regular ticket: $300 (50% off since the current price is $600)

If anyone is interested, feel free to add a comment or contact me:

More information about current prices here:

webbywe's picture

DrupalCon 2015 Los Angeles Community Summit

Come to the Community Summit at DrupalCon Los Angeles 2015

Do you love your local Drupal community? Do you want to grow Drupal adoption in your hometown? Do you take satisfaction is providing mentorship or are you looking to pay it forward after being mentored? Are you the person who always raises their hand to help others and wants to get involved?

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Todd Zebert's picture

Get your Drupal Dev Shop listed on the Silicon Beach Dev list

You may or may not know about the Silicon Beach "Secret" Facebook Group. If you're not a member, let me know and I'll add/invite you.

It's a pretty good feed of LA tech news etc, with links to related groups on jobs, events, etc.

Important to this discussion is there's a Freelance Developers / Dev Shops document that has a list (and commentary) on local dev shops.

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