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LA Drupal is the hub for Drupal users in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas to network and collaborate; including Orange County, San Gabriel Valley, San Fernando Valley, Inland Empire, and the whole of Southern California. We promote and encourage open exchanges of ideas within the Drupal Community and also with the other open source communities (including PHP and MySQL).

Our main monthly meetup is held on the second Tuesday of each month. See our Calendar of Events, including job networking, trainings and social occasions.

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LA Drupal has an online presence in a lot of places but one of the official ways to become a member is by joining the LA Drupal group here on

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Welcome to LA Drupal!

LA Drupal Events

LA Drupal Main Meetup: August 11, 2015 | How-To Sessions: Entities

Chris Charlton's picture

2015-08-11 19:00 - 21:00 America/Los_Angeles

Join us August 11, 2015 (7PM-9PM) for a night of how-to sessions about the very important Entities layer in Drupal 7 & 8. There will be material for all levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced users.

Based on the feedback from February's meetup and our successful meetup structure from last year, we are going to continue our site building series with 2-3 short how-to sessions from community members. We will demonstrate Entity API best practices and some modules that help the process.

Learn how to stop using LANGUAGE_NONE or ['und'] in your Drupal code! Also, if there is time, we'll have some lightning talks at this meetup as well.

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DrupalCamp LA 2015 - August 29-30 at UC Irvine

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2015-08-29 (All day) - 2015-08-30 (All day) America/Los_Angeles

Mark your calendars and join us for surf, sun and code at DrupalCamp LA 2015, the weekend of August 29-30, 2015. Register now at

Now in its 9th year, DrupalCamp LA is the annual FREE unconference-style Drupal training, founded in the style of BarCamp, for the Drupal community in Los Angeles, Orange County, and the Greater Southern California Area.

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What Meeting Topics Should we Cover?

This list of topics suggested for upcoming meetings is a wiki page. Please add to it or vote on something you'd like to see.

Suggest a topic or VOTE for a topic by adding a + sign at the end of a line. Just edit the wiki.

Los Angles Drupal
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Recent Discussions

frob's picture

Looking for Drupal 8 Configuration Management Contrib modules

I am compiling a list of Drupal 8 Configuration Management modules for a project I am working on. These would be anything from Drush modules to dev tools for D8.

vgriffin's picture

Google OAuth2 Service Account module

As some of you know, I've written a pair of modules dealing with the Google client API library. I've just submitted an issue to review the module that supports OAuth 2.0 service account connections and promote it to full module status. The issue is at which points to the project. The module is designed to deal with updates to the Google client library. It's used by my sandbox module, Google Calendar Merge, at which allows a user to import data from Google calendars as individual events.

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BTMash's picture

Anyone up for an informal meetup this evening?

The meetup tonight got cancelled and it was going to be one of my last LA meetups for a while. So I'm wondering if anyone else would be up for an informal meetup this evening (a earlier starting after dark :)). Also suggestions for a location would be welcome.

philosurfer's picture

DrupalCamp LA - Carpool thread

Hey Campers!

Anyone looking to carpool for DCLA?

Let us be Earth conscious if possible this weekend.

Please list your location, if you can give a ride or need a ride....

See you at camp!

chellman's picture

Burbank Drupal meetup on haitus and/or seeking organizer

Greetings all,

There have been a lot of changes in the lives of the organizers of the Burbank/Glendale/SF Valley meetup in the past several months, with babies being born or soon to be, office spaces let go, and so on. As a result, the folks who were taking on the responsibility of putting on the meetups aren't going to be able to for the immediate future. It's been a few months since a meetup was last scheduled, but this is the official notice that the group is on indefinite hiatus.

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Jausan's picture

Romantic Truth Community

The Romantic Truth Community consolidates a dating site, online showcase, and advice column blog into one community that will use Drupal8, BootStrap Theming, and a SQLite backend. The purpose of the site is to test the viability of the site upon completion in respect to functionality.

The core modules, rules, and later Design Suites and Organic Groups will be ported and used. The bulk of the system will consist of views and content types.

Tanin's picture

We The People Of The website in Drupal needs help.

We The People Of The is trying to build its website using Drupal, but needs help--a lot of help.

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dankegel's picture

Any drupal developers near Little Tokyo up for lunch sometime?

(Crossposted from, this time using the right button)

I work near Union Station, wouldn't mind having lunch with other Drupal developers sometime. Maybe at or ?

dankegel's picture

Any drupal developers near Little Tokyo up for lunch sometime?

I work near Union Station, wouldn't mind having lunch with other Drupal developers sometime.

Me, I'm only loosely a Drupal developer; I'm still piecing together how to use the Migrate module + Features + fit. I'm almost there :-)

josephgut's picture

Drupal Developer Wanted

Hello Drupal community! Our website, (, which is written in Drupal 7, is the largest antique, collectible, and art appraisal site offering free crowdsourced and professional appraisals. We're in search of a talented and responsible Drupal developer who is interested in updating the site, adding features, re-theming, bug fixing, etc. for a revenue share of InstAppraisal. We're looking for someone to partner with us - someone who sees opportunity for growing our website even more and becoming part of our company.

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