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LA Drupal is the hub for Drupal users in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas to network and collaborate; including Orange County, San Gabriel Valley, San Fernando Valley, Inland Empire, and the whole of Southern California. We promote and encourage open exchanges of ideas within the Drupal Community and also with the other open source communities (including PHP and MySQL).

Our main monthly meetup is held on the second Tuesday of each month. See our Calendar of Events, including job networking, trainings and social occasions.

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LA Drupal has an online presence in a lot of places but one of the official ways to become a member is by joining the LA Drupal group here on

  1. First create an account at, which is the "master" site of Joining will create an account on all the the other * subdomains.
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Welcome to LA Drupal!

LA Drupal Events

Upcoming Events

YOUR HELP NEEDED: DrupalCon LA 2015 Tourist Wiki

People visiting our city to attend DrupalCon Los Angeles (May 11-15, 2015) will need to know how to get around L.A., and what there is to do outside of the conference. There will be social events each night of the conference, but not every drinks or dances or will only be enjoying our city at night so some daytime activities and family friendly points of interest should be compiled in this wiki.


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DrupalCon Los Angeles 2015 Volunteer Info

LA DRUPAL members interested in volunteering to help at DrupalCon LA 2015 (May 11-15, 2015) can submit their info below.

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What Meeting Topics Should we Cover?

This list of topics suggested for upcoming meetings is a wiki page. Please add to it or vote on something you'd like to see.

Suggest a topic or VOTE for a topic by adding a + sign at the end of a line. Just edit the wiki.

Los Angles Drupal
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Jausan's picture


Welcome to the Santa Clarita Valley Development Group!

We would like for you to briefly introduce yourself to our group. Please share your years of experience with Drupal, your preferred version, and your current role with the technology among other things.

Susan Rust's picture


SANDcamp is coming up fast and it's dripping with three days of Drupal goodness and training on Thursday February 26th PLUS two days of camp sessions on Friday and Saturday. Friday and Saturday are filled with great sessions on Drupal 8, new tools and innovations, an Arduino/Minecraft workshop, sessions in Spanish and more.

Spots are limited, and registration is required for training (even the free ones) and tickets are required for camp.


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Ali.T's picture

Greetings from Iran: Looking for fast mobile theme

Hello to friends in LA, I'm writing from Iran where I recently got married. See attached photo.

Also here's an article I wrote about how IT seminars are conducted over here:

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victorkane's picture

Video, slides y desgrabación ampliada de mi presentación DrupalCon Latin America 2015 sobre Lean UX + DevOps con Drupal

Poner en pie una fábrica de DurableDrupal (DrupalDuradero) en base de un proceso Lean reutilizable

Página de la presentation en el sitio del sitio web de DrupalCon Latin America:

El propósito de la presentación fue el de describir cómo utilizar herramientas y procesos reutilizables, flexibles y en constante evolución, para finalmente vencer al método cascada y para garantizar la entrega de valor en el desarrollo de sitios y aplicaciones web.

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melissjs's picture

How to find a local Drupal tutor

Hi, I posted on a few freelance sites and also on the Drupal job board but I have been advised to post in the Drupal LA group because I would ideally like to find someone in Los Angeles to meet with me in person. I don't see a great place to categorize what I am looking for, does anyone have suggestions on how I could find a drupal tutor to work with me a few hours a week?

chellman's picture

No Burbank study group meetup tomorrow

I don't want to spam the crap out of g.d.o (I just posted in the events section about this already), but I also want to make as sure as possibly no one makes a trip to Burbank expecting a meetup tomorrow and comes away sad. We have a lot of people out of town and indisposed this month, so there will be no study groupal tomorrow. We'll see everyone next month, but take this one off!

realEuph's picture

Performance Improvement via Proxies

As mentioned in a previous post, I am having performance issues with a site I manage, One person has (forcibly) suggested using Squid as a reverse-proxy to improve performance. I have not heard that discussed in any Drupal meeting. I hear Varnish.

I have researched the web on both proxies and have found a lot of useful information, but (at least so far) not answers to these questions.

  • Does anyone have experience with both?
  • Are there any specific recommendations or concerns with using either?


Leonard Daly

realEuph's picture

Site Performance is Poor

I remember there were high-performance meetups a while ago. I don't see the group so I'm asking LA Drupal. I will be at the meeting tonight if you wish to discuss then.

The site is used world-wide in a shared-hosting environment, but there is little else on the server. It runs Drupal 7 (last updated in December). Sporadically it receives a large number of requests from IP addresses all around the world. Some of the requests are from bots that appear to honor the 'Crawl-delay' of 60 seconds. A (very) few do not.

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Chris Charlton's picture

image reinstalled worked for settings.php

"I am so happy my database is fixed."

Susan Rust's picture

SANDcamp 2015 is Open for Registration, Sessions & Training

Registration is open for, February 26-28

--Thursday, February 26 is Training: 6+ amazing classes to up your Drupal game
—Friday, February 27 is Day 1 of Camp: $10 for both days OR $10 at the door each day
--Saturday, February 28 is Day 2 of Camp


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