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Need 2 Senior Level Drupal Developers in the Los Angeles Area

Need 2 Senior Level Drupal Developers to work onsite (West Adams ad agency location) for next 3 weeks. Project is 45 pages, permissions-heavy ecommerce website (paypal tie-in as gateway). Customer accounts, some customers can see each other's accounts/parts of each other's accounts (this is the permissions-heavy part). Full wireframes are available as reference. Front-end of site mostly built. Need customer dashboards and database tie-ins built. Need developers to know Drupal inside and out and to be comfortable working on-site. Also need to sign an NDA. Project starts immediately.

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Call for Sessions: Design 4 Drupal, Boston 23-25 JUNE 2017 at MIT

Open for Sessions Submit your talk here.


Design 4 Drupal, Boston is an annual web design event covering all aspects of design, UX, & theming for Drupal websites.

Back at MIT this year! MIT Stata Center at in Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA.

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LADrupal on slack

Hi all,

We are now on slack. You can find us at ladrupal.slack.com. If you wish to get an invite, go to http://ladrupal.org and fill out the form for a slack invite. You will be sent one automatically - see you there!

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SANDcamp is next week Feb 15-18, 2017 - don't miss out!

SANDcamp is next week Feb 15-18, 2017 - don't miss out!

There are various trainings on Wed and Thu, each requires a payment:

Camp is Friday and Saturday with lunch included in your registration:

The schedule is live (although subject to change):

See you at camp! Doug

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Does Drupal LA have a SCALE 15X discount code?

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Doug Vann in town!

Hey gang!
Tomorrow [Sunday Jan 22] I land at LAX at 9am and pick up my rental car.
I have the whole day to myself then 4 days of client meetings in Rosemead,
My Mon-Thu nights will be wide open!
I have a whole Condo to myself through airbnb.

Let's hang out!!
Reply here or SMS me @ 765-5-DRUPAL (765 537 8725)


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Drupal 8 Essential Training

Dear Friends,
This course is suitable for anyone who want to use and manage Drupal 8 in their organisation. NO programming skills is required. For more information, visit

It took me over 6 months of hard work to create this Drupal 8 tutorial series. 'Das Equity' enrolment is available. Pass it on to your friends and collegues who may benefit from learning Drupal 8. An intermediate level course is now in progress and expected to be released on Aug 20, 2016.

Get course updates through youtube channel

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UCEAP Job Opening - Web Designer/Drupal Front-End Developer

Responsible for full stack development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, PHP, MYSQL, XML/JSON, and Responsive Design, to help in the design, development and delivery of web experiences for UCEAP. Principal duties involve web/graphics design; theming, front-end/back-end development and deployment with Drupal; User Experience (UX) research and design; User Interface (UI) development; creation of end-user documentation and training materials.

Apply online at https://jobs.ucsb.edu Job #20160306.

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SCALE table + Drupal LA + Wonder Women Tech Conference July 16-17 Long Beach


I'm currently planning to promote SCALE at Wonder Woman Tech conference next weekend by getting a SCALE table.

They're a fairly new area tech conference iirc, this looks to be their 2nd year.


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Looking for shared hosting

I am looking for shared web hosting , i got many options to choose from , meanwhile i like this
inmotion hosting review but the thing is should i go for it or not . My location is California

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One week until SANDcamp 2016!

Hello Drupal Users,

We are one week away from SANDcamp 2016!

Don't miss out on a fantastic camp with two full days of training and lots of Drupal 8 sessions. Our keynote speaker will be Leslie Fishlock, CEO and founder of GeekGirl, who promotes diversity by helping to empower everyone to reach their goals in technology.

Register for camp at: https://www.sandcamp.org/register if you do not have a ticket. If you already have a ticket, check out the session schedule which can be found here: https://www.sandcamp.org/schedule

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13 days until SANDcamp 2016!

Hi Drupal Users!

We are about 13 days away from SANDcamp 2016. Don't miss out on a fantastic camp with two full days of training and lots of Drupal 8 sessions. Our keynote speaker will be Leslie Fishlock, the CEO and founder of GeekGirl, which promotes diversity by helping to empower everyone to reach their goals in technology.

Register for camp at https://www.sandcamp.org/register if you do not have a ticket. If you already have a ticket, check out the session schedule which can be found here: https://www.sandcamp.org/schedule

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Looking for someone who can finish up an Mac CS INDD ePub project


I'm new. A friend of mine is a long time Drupal guy and suggested I contact the list.

I have not been able to debug my first ePubs project, a Fixed Layout ePub, and need to find someone who can finish the job. It's mostly breaking down over font management.

Anyone out there do ePubs? please contact me as soon as possible.

Thank you,


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Drupal.org migrates to Fastly's real-time CDN; Hear all about it this Thursday at the Drupal 8 Release Party: Los Angeles

Just in time for the expected increase in traffic to coincide with the release of Drupal 8, all the content and files on Drupal.org have been migrated to Fastly!

Joshua Mitchell (joshuami), CTO of the Drupal Association, just posted this great writeup a few days ago:

We are so stoked to announce our partnership with Fastly. Fastly is now serving up all of our traffic from the *.drupal.org domain Drupal sites and related services.

Fastly will be at the Drupal 8 Release Party: Los Angeles this Thursday to demonstrate their real-time CDN, how to integrate it with Drupal (both Drupal 7 & Drupal 8 are supported), and to answer any of your questions.

Their presentation will be streamed via Zoom. Please be sure to have Zoom installed and stay tuned to @GLADrupal on Twitter for the video conferencing information.

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Drupal 8.0.0-rc1 has been released!

Drupal 8 RC1 Octagon Hey there, Drupaleros!

In case you didn't hear, Drupal 8.0.0-rc1 has been released!

If you've been waiting to try it out, now's a good time to start your engines. There are a few critical issues left to fix, but there aren't any known issues that are serious enough to prevent you from building a new website.

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BADCamp 2015 carpool / rideshare from Los Angeles or Santa Barbara

Who's going to BADCamp 2015? If anyone is offering or requesting a carpool / rideshare from Los Angeles or Santa Barbara, please post it here.

Are you presenting? Looking forward to a particular summit or BoF? Post about that, too!

This year, BADCamp returns to Berkeley for another four days of sprints, summits, sessions, trainings, parties, donuts, and general mayhem … And as ever, BADCamp is entirely free. We can't wait to see you there!

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Looking for Drupal 8 Configuration Management Contrib modules

I am compiling a list of Drupal 8 Configuration Management modules for a project I am working on. These would be anything from Drush modules to dev tools for D8.

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Google OAuth2 Service Account module

As some of you know, I've written a pair of modules dealing with the Google client API library. I've just submitted an issue to review the module that supports OAuth 2.0 service account connections and promote it to full module status. The issue is at https://www.drupal.org/node/2569277 which points to the project. The module is designed to deal with updates to the Google client library. It's used by my sandbox module, Google Calendar Merge, at https://www.drupal.org/sandbox/vgriffin/2390267 which allows a user to import data from Google calendars as individual events.

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Anyone up for an informal meetup this evening?

The meetup tonight got cancelled and it was going to be one of my last LA meetups for a while. So I'm wondering if anyone else would be up for an informal meetup this evening (a earlier starting after dark :)). Also suggestions for a location would be welcome.

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DrupalCamp LA - Carpool thread

Hey Campers!

Anyone looking to carpool for DCLA?

Let us be Earth conscious if possible this weekend.

Please list your location, if you can give a ride or need a ride....

See you at camp!

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Burbank Drupal meetup on haitus and/or seeking organizer

Greetings all,

There have been a lot of changes in the lives of the organizers of the Burbank/Glendale/SF Valley meetup in the past several months, with babies being born or soon to be, office spaces let go, and so on. As a result, the folks who were taking on the responsibility of putting on the meetups aren't going to be able to for the immediate future. It's been a few months since a meetup was last scheduled, but this is the official notice that the group is on indefinite hiatus.

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Romantic Truth Community

The Romantic Truth Community consolidates a dating site, online showcase, and advice column blog into one community that will use Drupal8, BootStrap Theming, and a SQLite backend. The purpose of the site is to test the viability of the site upon completion in respect to functionality.

The core modules, rules, and later Design Suites and Organic Groups will be ported and used. The bulk of the system will consist of views and content types.

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We The People Of The World.org website in Drupal needs help.

We The People Of The World.org is trying to build its website using Drupal, but needs help--a lot of help.

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Any drupal developers near Little Tokyo up for lunch sometime?

(Crossposted from https://groups.drupal.org/node/471858, this time using the right button)

I work near Union Station, wouldn't mind having lunch with other Drupal developers sometime. Maybe at http://www.pizzanista.com or http://www.philippes.com/ ?

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