Are you a Lighty fan in an Apache world? It turns out the Lighttpd web server is a great platform for running Drupal too. This group is for discussion of using Drupal in conjunction with Lighty and vice versa.

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Heads up with Drupal 7 tests

A heads-up to my fellow developers. I ran into this problem on Lighty, but it probably is going to occur on all non-Apache server daemons, so I'm cross-posting this to the Nginx and IIS groups too.

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multi site with lighttpd

I wasn't happy with the vhost modules in lighttpd, I host a few drupal sites on a multisite setup, as well as a few non-drupal sites, so a single way of defining vhosts was a bit too restrictive. I came up with a script which is loaded by include_script, based on this howto. I'm using the mod_magnet script from here.

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Lighttpd & Boost: Report that new rules work with boost now!

Support for html, xml, json, js, css; no gzip ATM.

Testing would be appreciated

Tips/code on how to add in support for .gz files would be very helpful!

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Excluding static directories in Drupal's root


I'm trying to exclude a static directory in Drupal's root (called /docs) from being caught by Drupal. Currently I'm just getting a "page not found" error since there's no "/docs" page (error page).

Drupal is embedded into Lighty through "mod magnet" (magnet.attract-physical-path-to = ( "/etc/lighttpd/drupal.lua" ). Where is this to be configured, if it is possible at all with Drupal running on Lighttpd (Solution for Apache/mod_rewrite)?

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problem with drupal 6.14+lighttpd

i have ubuntu 9.04 amd64 desktop on a core2 laptop with the latest patches. i have postgresql 8.3.8-0ubuntu9.04 and lighttpd 1.4.19-5ubuntu7 installed, and no other web server/db (weird combo yes).

i downloaded drupal-6.14.tar.gz from here, and copied the contents into /var/www. when i attempt to install drupal by loading http://localhost/install.php in Firefox, i get a 403 Forbidden error. i read lots of 403-drupal stuff on the net but could not resolve my problem. installation does not even start.

so what do i do?


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Protect your files directories

Be wary of what folks can upload into the "files" directories on your Drupal site. They may be able to upload a PHP file, then try to access that PHP file in their web browser, thus being able to execute arbitrary code. This is dangerous!

I believe Drupal's .htaccess files block this sort of thing for Apache users, but what about us Lighty users? Fortunately, it's not too tough to stop this from happening; just add something like this to Lighty's config file:

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Ultimate Lua Script - Discussion

The script is here, but I figured I'd start a discussion about it too since there doesn't seem to be a way to comment on wiki pages on g.d.o.

Anyway, I recently updated the script, fixing the patterns (regular expressions) a bit and making it so redirects return an HTTP status code of 301 instead of 302, to more closely match the behavior of Drupal's .htaccess file. If you're already using the script, updating it isn't strictly necessary, but it shouldn't hurt.

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Why Lighty instead of Apache?

Want to know why some folks are choosing to use Lighttpd (Lighty) instead of Apache for hosting their Drupal installation? Here's a brief list of considerations in which Lighty excels over Apache.

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Albright's Ultimate Lua Script

The attached script allows you to use Drupal's clean URLs feature, as well as force the addition or removal of "www." from web addresses just like Drupal's .htaccess file does. It will also easily allow you to use the Boost caching module with Lighty for even better performance.

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