AJAX Madness

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hey guys i have been working on an Ajax module that would make Drupal sites FLY
Later i had also come across a module called ajaxit. But that module is based on a jQuery plugin and it doesn't exploit Drupals theming features. so i started working on a small module (5 lines barely) with some jQuery to get the same thing done.

As an addition i have added an ajax binding to the forms, though some forms like the login form have been excluded from it
It works well on mobile browsers too

The idea behind this is to try to make this module work with SENCHA

Test it out and pass on your comments



And it doesn't work in IE6 or

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And it doesn't work in IE6 or 7 or 8
at-least for now


There seems to be a problem

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There seems to be a problem with comment form. It is stuck at the previewing of the form. Anyways drupal ajaxified ;)

hey thnx for testing it out

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hey thnx for testing it out and reporting.
I have another version being built with support for IE aswell.

The Ajax for is actually an ADON its not the core concept as we already have may modules that does this :)



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