march newsletter wrap up

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ok, to wrap up this newsletter, we need to grab 3-4 of those posts, get permission, and stick teasers in the body. i'd also like to have links to any info about the video from the conference. i've only watched that peripherally; anyone know the status of that?



video will take a while

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I think the video is going to take a while - see

I think we should either push forward without that or make this into the late April newsletter and wait for at least some video...

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Haha, I think that is incredible, and needs to go into the this newsletter, really!!
How amazing is it to have produced over 1.135 terrabytes of data, from the conference. This is from everyone recording their own, or a uniform gang doing it organised .. I dont know.
The eventual outcome will have to be downloaded through torrents, as edited, we will still get at least 100 Gb, if they work on a 10:1 bias, from duplicate content to be edited together giving nice angles and hopefully interesting shots. Maybe they can even edit in a few tricks like a zoom into whiteboards and then display static shots of them too, we will see.
(Is this noteworthy to elongate and add to the newsletter - sort of like a review of it all?)
(It would be nice to have a list of the events and their speakers with pictures in the newsletter).
(Maybe someone can edit a 2 hour venture of the notable happenings, for a one disc dvd download somewhere torrented - Yes I understand this is notfor me to decide).

still on track?

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Is this repurposed to be the April newsletter? We'd love to get the news out about Drupalcon Szeged in this newsletter if possible. I can provide some text / imagery.

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