Drupal in a Day Workshop

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2010-11-27 09:00 - 16:30 America/Vancouver
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Training (free or commercial)

The Vancouver Drupal In A Day Workshop is a hands-on introduction to building a web site using the free, open-source content management system Drupal. We will cover questions like "What can Drupal do?", "Why choose Drupal?", and general concepts of on-line content management with a database behind your web site. Then we'll work through the basics of setting up a Drupal site.

This workshop is suitable for Drupal beginners.

Registration and workshop details at http://vandrupalworkshop2010.eventbrite.com/


Matching mentors?

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Primo: great initiative! I hope this is event turns out to be successful.

Secundo: I'm sure there would be plenty of seasoned drupalistas who would be keen on being mentors for beginners. I am wondering if this event would not be a good opportunity to develop and foster this kind of relationships?