Drupal 7 Release Party Chennai

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2011-01-07 18:30 - 23:00 Asia/Kolkata
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User group meeting

Folks singup for the Party !

Drupal 7 - Time to party!

UniMity Solutions Pvt Ltd
3, 5th Floor, "Kasi Arcade"
116, Thyagaraya Road
T.Nagar, Chennai 600017

Join us in the Fun yet again.... Please signup!


Drupal7 Release Party!

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Hi Shiv,

Ping me, would like to discuss the Agenda. Would like to carry forward some of the points discussed at our last meet, http://groups.drupal.org/node/113644.




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Count me in.

will be there.....

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Cool .. I will be there...

Sounds like fun

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Will be there.

I will join the great

Mandakini_Kumari's picture

I will join the great event


Mandakini Kumari


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venue:at barbeque or in unimity itself?


At Unimity! We want to keep

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At Unimity! We want to keep the Pricing simple!


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Ok i will join, meet u today..


I have join this Party!

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Its great! I have join this Party! I have meet all members. wish you happy Newyear 2011!

Webstar Technologies


Hurray for drupal 7 Release.

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Count me also. Siva from Classle. Lets Get Ready folks.

Me too

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I would like to join drupal 7 release meeting.

Thanks for hosting this release party

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I look forward to it.

-- Anil

S Anil Kumar, PhD
Founder & CEO, FreeElective LLC
Chief product manager, jodi365.com

Chennai drupal7 release party

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It was really a very nice event. The enthu level of all the participants was appreciable. We were around 30 developer.
Around 15 developer were new to Drupal, but due to worldwide community drives the innovation that makes Drupal the preferred choice for web developers and site owners, various technology enthusiasts curious about drupal and want to know more about Drupal.

We had introduction session by the members of the Chennai Drupal Group. It was good food,drink with drupal7 installation presentation.

Thanks to Shyamala and Unimity for organising such a wonderful event.

Mandakini Kumari


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