Per Product Shipping

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Using ecommerce, is there a way to define shipping cost on a per product basis? I've got several different types of products for a site that I'm working on. All of them need to be shipped, but some don't need shipping charges while other larger products do.

I've tried using the Simple Shipping charge for the Flexicharge module, which seems to allow defining a shipping charge based on the weight of an item. This would a slight hackish way to deal with my problem (define the weight as 0 for items that don't need shipping), but the trouble is I can't find where to define a weight for an item. I've dug around in the code, and there doesn't appear to be anywhere to define weight for a tangible product. Am I missing something?

Besides that, is there a simpler, direct solution that I'm missing? I'm close to whipping up a quick module to provide a field for each product to define shipping, if there's no other option.


I just ran across the

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I just ran across the following patch submitted for flexicharge (flexicharge not applicable for custom producttypes?). My problem with flexicharge apparently was that flexicharge attributes (weight, in this case) aren't applied to content types that aren't in the Product content type, which all of my products were not. The above patch fixes that issue.

Still feels like a hack to me, but at least it's working now.