Help with video coverage

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I've just posted this request to the front page of the Drupalcon site:

We've already had both Development Seed and CONSEN step up and commit some money at the Silver sponsor level in order to get video coverage of DrupalCon.

However, having looked into getting coverage by a firm that specializes in such things, it looks to be 900EU for one cameraperson for only one day of the conference...which would only cover one room as well. This looks to be too expensive for us.

So, we are looking to the community to come up with some ideas. One person in a comment said they could bring their camcorder, but we need commitment from people to setup and run such coverage.

Anyone have other ideas regarding video coverage?

Other ideas and/or organizing to get full coverage -- please post below.



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See -- show your support.

coverage of your event

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Try looking into VIACOM programs at local colleges. These students need portfolio samples. Also, contact instructors of theses classes, perhaps they could use the event as a class project.


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Wish there was more time in my schedule to come and video this! Alas, won't be able to make it this year -- keep me in the loop for next time though.

Workaround: Capture Audio and Screencasts

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At a minumum you can:
* Use Laptops with microphones to capture the audio of the presentations directly with Audacity, Soundtrack Pro, etc.
* Take powerpoint presentations and correlate them in post production with iMovie, Final Cut Pro or Windows Movie maker
* Use screencast software like Snapz Pro X to capture any live demos, if done on a Mac
* Have people take photos during the session, post them to Flickr to be used in the video.

It's a workaround, and one that would actually provide smaller video files.